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Out of Stock   Ideal Vacuum ExploraVAC Environmental Chamber Series NE System Stand 4100

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Ideal Vacuum ExploraVAC Environmental Chamber Series NE System Stand

Ideal Vacuum ExploraVAC Environmental Chamber Series NE System Stand

The ExploraVAC™ NE Stand is the basis for our complete line of Non-Enclosed (NE) vacuum and temperature controlled environmental chambers, engineered with vacuum system component integration in mind. This industrial-duty stand is the perfect base for mounting any Ideal Vacuum modular Cube, welded steel or aluminum chamber, up to 24"x24"x24". The ExploraVAC NE Stand makes an outstanding foundation for those with an existing chamber, or for those who wish to build their own custom system.

All ExploraVAC NE stands are built with top-of-the-line features including a durable powder coated finish, quick access panels, side airflow venting and integrated Unistrut rails for easy equipment mounting.

Available with or without an internal NEMA style enclosure, prepped with subpanel and blank plates for customizing cable feedthroughs, in which to house the electronic components needed for system control and automation.

The stand is supplied with a conveniently angled blank front panel for installing switches, indicators, PID controllers, gauges and other user controls needed for system operation. Just below the control panel, an EIA 19" 3U equipment rack is provided, which allows standard rack and DIN size (1/2, 1/3, or 1/8) gauge controllers and other process equipment, to be mounted. On the rear of the stand, dual blank feedthrough bulkheads are supplied for flexible routing of gas, liquid, air, and electrical lines, pump exhaust, and electrical power.

The stand's thick aluminum top deck is strong, spacious, and easily machined for secure chamber mounting and for making line passage through holes or slots to the stand's interior. Within the stand, a lower fixed and an upper adjustable aluminum shelf is furnished for convenient mounting of pumps, compressors, circulators, air manifolds, electronics and other process equipment.

The Ideal Vacuum ExploraVAC NE chamber stand ships standard with levelling feet. A mobility option with locking casters is also available.

ExploraVAC™ Environmental Chamber Series - Overview

The ExploraVAC series of environmental instruments provides the laboratory researcher with complete and accurate control over vacuum pressure and temperature. For prototype testing under vacuum only, we offer ExploraVAC systems with adjustable vacuum pressures from atmosphere to high-vacuum (as low as 1x10-7 Torr).

Our ExploraVAC thermal vacuum test systems add the capability to vary chamber temperatures from as high as +200C, to as low as -180C. This versatility allows the user to subject a component, device or product to vacuum AND temperature extremes, as might be needed for aerospace simulation or thermal shock testing.

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