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ExploraVAC Unlimited 36 × 36 × 39 in Preconfigured Thermal, Highvacuum + Rapid Decompression System
Production Time 3-4 months

ExploraVAC Unlimited: Elevating Thermal Vacuum Simulation Chambers to Unprecedented HeightsIn the dynamic realm of space and aerospace industries, precision and reliability are paramount. Enter ExploraVAC Unlimited, the pinnacle of Thermal Vacuum Simulation Chamber Systems designed to meet the rigorous demands of your technical endeavors. Call Today To Configure Your Own Custom System and Get a PriceDetailed System OverviewThis ExploraVac UNLIMITED system, is a custom-built ready to run turnkey thermal vacuum environmental chamber instrument by Ideal Vacuum Products (IVP), featuring a fully integrated, touch screen controlled, vacuum system designed for rapid decompression, high vacuum component testing, and thermal cycling. Additionally It is designed to operate above ambient atmosphere to 1100 Torr (21 psi absolute), down to pressures of 5 x 10-7 Torr. The vacuum chamber is 36 x 36 x 39 inches deep internally with a volume of 29.5 ft3 and made of welded 304 stainless steel. It is engineered so that additional 3’ deep sections can be added to increase its depth. The chamber door has a HALO View illuminated viewing window for process observation. There is one ASA and a number of KF, CF (Conflat), and ISO-LF feedthrough ports on the chamber sides and ceiling for sensors, gauges, thermocouples, and specialty equipment. The chamber floor has a 34" x 36" slide-out thermal platen for mounting test objects and for experiments requiring elevated or reduced temperatures. Embedded thermal fluid circulating tubes in the platen connect via a pair of insulated inlet/outlet hoses to a standalone Huber Unistat model 815 refrigerated heated circulator. The Unistat can produce platen temperatures from -70°C to 225°C. Note that these extremes are for non-loaded systems and performance may decrease depending on the thermal load. The roughing pump package (RP) includes a large water-cooled Leybold SV630BF rotary vane pump in order to accomplish < 15sec rapid decompression cycles, with a direct mounted WAU-2001 roots blower. These pumps provide sufficient pump down speed to meet the customer’s MIL-STD 810G, DO-160, and ANSI/VITA47-2005 test requirements. An air-cooled Edwards nEXT1230H turbomolecular pump, backed by a dedicated Edwards nXR30i multi-stage roots dry roughing pump, provides high vacuum capability and allows the roughing pump package to be offline during high vacuum experiments, maintaining a clean dry pumping environment with no oil back streaming. IVP’s Super-Seal and ULTRALock pneumatic valves are used to direct vacuum flow. IVP’s CommandValveTM electronic butterfly throttle valves are used for controlled purge gas injection or chamber venting. They allow the chamber to achieve precise altitude simulation targets within the rough vacuum regime. The system has multiple roughing and high vacuum gauges (sensors) located on the chamber and in the vacuum lines. An Agilent XGS-600 gauge controller collects sensor data and sends it to the control console where it is used to operate and monitor all aspects of the system. System functions, including pump and valve sequencing for efficient pump down cycles, and safety interlocks for preventing equipment damage, are managed by a PLC located in the control console. All necessary equipment, such as valves, gauges, sensors, and necessary plumbing are included. Customer supplied recirculating or fresh water (3.1 gpm minimum) to cool the SV630BF pump, and compressed air (70 psi minimum) to operate the pneumatic valves, is required. The VadaTech 13602 system requires one 440-480 VAC, 60 Hz, 3Ø, 115A electrical power feed. The system is controlled from a touch screen display running our proprietary AutoExplor™ software for Windows ExploraVAC Unlimited OverviewExploraVAC Unlimited is a turnkey solution, meticulously designed to streamline your operations from the moment of installation. With comprehensive integration of all essential components and systems, including pumping, instrumentation, and thermal control, each unit arrives fully equipped and ready to run. Our commitment to a productive user experience means that from the outset, customers can dive into their experiments with confidence, knowing that every element necessary for vacuum system operation is seamlessly integrated and optimized for performance. From aerospace to semiconductor industries, our chambers cater to diverse applications including altitude simulation, rapid decompression, and thermal cycling, providing the ultimate solution for your simulation needs. With a range spanning from +6psig* to high vacuum, and temperatures from -170°C to +400°C, ExploraVAC Unlimited offers limitless possibilities for your experiments.AutoExplor Premium SoftwareWith an intuitive touchscreen interface, the AutoExplor system control empowers users to orchestrate complex simulations effortlessly. Streamlining operation and ensuring safety, AutoExplor’s automated control features simplify experimentation, while its compatibility with external systems like LabView enhances flexibility. With recipe building, data logging, and remote access capabilities, AutoExplor maximizes efficiency and convenience in thermal vacuum simulation. Flexible Vacuum Chamber DesignThe modular architecture of Ideal Vacuum’s sectional vacuum chambers offers a space-efficient rectangular footprint with customizable width, height, depth, and configuration. Our stainless steel chambers are carefully fabricated with quality materials and components, and mechanically polished for peak vacuum performance. With integrated stands, single/double/pullout access doors, customizable ports, and payload fixturing options, every aspect of our chambers is engineered for convenience and adaptability to your unique requirements. Integrated Vacuum Pumping SystemOur optimized pumping systems boast integrated control valve packages with automated control, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and safety. With both wet and dry low/high vacuum solutions available, our diverse selection of pumping packages guarantees your system can deliver the vacuum performance you need. ExploraVAC Unlimited DryFor ultimate clean pumping performance, dry rough vacuum pumping packages feature a dry screw type pump, coupled with a roots blower booster pump on high-output configurations. Dry pumps feature zero oil backstreaming and do not require oil servicing during their life. For dry high vacuum systems, both turbomolecular and cryo type pumps are available for ultimate pressure performance down to 10e-8 torr. ExploraVAC Unlimited WetWet rough vacuum pumping packages feature a rotary vane type pump, coupled with a roots blower booster pump. On rough vacuum systems without diffusion pumps, some oil backstreaming may occur at pressures below 0.1 torr. Diffusion type high vacuum pumps are available on wet systems for pressures down to 10e-7 torr. Wet pumping systems have a lower cost compared to dry pumping systems, and diffusion pumps do not require time-intensive regeneration seen with cryo type high vacuum pumps. Thermal Platens and ShroudsExploraVAC Unlimited’s thermal platens and shrouds epitomize cutting-edge thermal management. Our platens offer single or dual-surface thermal control, coupled with options for resistive heating and circulated cooling to ensure precise temperature regulation. Paired seamlessly with LN2 or Huber chilling systems, our systems can achieve optimal thermal uniformity and rapid ramping. Meanwhile, our thermal shrouds provide full surround coverage, controlling radiative heat transfer with advanced coatings. With various cooling power units available and a lightweight design for swift thermal ramping, our platens and shrouds set the standard for thermal performance in the space and aerospace industry. System InstrumentationWe provide our users with several choices in vacuum measurement gauges to match budget, measurement range, and precision requirements. From inexpensive convective rough vacuum gauges to precise cold cathode high vacuum gauges, our instrumentation suite has the right options for your needs. Integrated and expandable thermocouple channels support thermal operations, while onboard equipment health monitoring and alerts provide comprehensive insight into system performance. ExploraVAC Unlimited is a gateway to innovation, reliability, and unparalleled performance in the realm of thermal vacuum simulation. Elevate your experiments, transcend boundaries, and explore the cosmos with confidence, powered by ExploraVAC Unlimited. *Depending on chamber size and configuration How is ExploraVAC Unlimited different from ExploraVAC Standard?

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