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Ideal Vacuum Pump Control System, for Single or Dual Pump System
Out of Stock

Ideal Vacuum Pump Control System (PCS) for Single or Dual Vacuum Pump Systems Many high powered vacuum pumps require fuses, on/off switches, soft starters, and other supporting hardware in order to operate safely. To bridge the gap between power hookup and safe pump operation, Ideal Vacuum offers the Pump Control System (PCS) as a turnkey solution, specially designed for large vacuum pump control. The Ideal Vacuum Pump Control System is a configurable control box panel designed to run large vacuum pumps. Using a single power hookup, the PCS provides basic pump operation controls like start/stop, emergency stop, and run hours display. PCS can be built for single pump or dual pump systems such as blower packages. To achieve the highest standards of safety and reliability, Ideal Vacuum is a UL 580A certified panel shop and offers UL certification and labeling when required by customers. All PCS Models are built-to-order based on user requirements. Optional build upgrades include motor soft starters, over temperature monitoring, and serial connection for remote operation and integral system control. The online PCS configurator tool can be used to select desired options and see current pricing. All Ideal Vacuum PCS units are fully compatible with Ideal Vacuum ExploraVAC systems. For complete ready-to-run vacuum systems, please contact our vacuum system engineering team to help you design your complete Ideal Vacuum System. Standard Ideal Vacuum Pump Control System (PCS) Features:SYSTEM POWER On/Off Indicator Lamp On/Off Control of One or Two Pumps 208-480VAC, 50/60Hz, 3 Phase Up to 65A Pump Current Capacity (All Pump Motors in the System must have the same Input Voltage and Phases) Emergency Stop Switch Pump Hours Display Low Voltage Console Controls for Operator Safety Illuminated Switches Display Operational States Integrated Safety Interlocks to prevent pumps from being turned on in the wrong order Optional Ideal Vacuum Pump Control System (PCS) Features: Optional Pump Soft Starter Optional Pump PTC or Closed Loop Over-temp Monitoring Optional RS-485 and 24VDC I/O for Remote Control Optional Pump Cooling Fan Driver Optional UL 508A Safety Certification Compatible Pump Types Rotary Vane Rotary Piston Roots Pump Dry Screw Roots Blower Package Compatible Pump Brands Leybold Agilent Pfeiffer Edwards If your pump type or brand is not listed, we are happy to assist you with a control solution. For assistance, contact Ideal Vacuum to discuss your application needs and design a solution that meets your requirements!

Condition: New

Part Number: P1010043

Price: $9,456.55

Currency: US Dollar (USD)

IVP Pump Control System (PCS) Enclosure Panel Stand Freestanding Frame
Out of Stock

IVP Pump Control System (PCS) Enclosure Panel Stand. This is a freestanding frame to which the Ideal Vacuum Pump Control System (PCS) panel is mounted. It allows the PCS to be positioned in a convenient place near the vacuum chamber. It allows more flexibility than standard wall mounting or when the PCS cannot be mounted to a pump frame directly. Includes hardware to mount the PCS panel box to the stand. Does not include PCS-stand only.

Condition: New

Part Number: P1013570

Price: $450.00

Currency: US Dollar (USD)
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