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MKS T2BA Butterfly Valve, ISO100, Non-Sealing (No O-ring; 0.003" Radial Gap), Viton (body seal), RS232, Sensor PS for Baratron. PN: T2BA04N220303V210025

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MKS T2BA Butterfly Valve, ISO100, Non-Sealing (No O-ring; 0.003" Radial Gap), Viton (body seal), RS232, Sensor PS for Baratron. PN: T2BA04N220303V210025 4299.75
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MKS T2BA Butterfly Exhaust Throttle Valve, ISO100, Non-Sealing (No O-ring; 0.003" Radial Gap), Low Power Motor (8 in-lbs), 105°C,
Viton (body seal), RS232, with +/-15VDC Sensor Power Supply (for Baratron).

MKS Part Number: T2BA04N220303V210025.

The MKS T2BA Exhaust Throttle Valve is specifically designed for applications where a simple, yet advanced, pressure control system is desired. The T2BA integrates all control, communication, and driver circuits within a throttle valve assembly, thereby eliminating the need for mounting a separate pressure control electronics module. The unique model-based control algorithm and high-speed operation drives the system to set point quickly with minimum overshoot, and ensures repeatable process recipes without operator involvement.

    Product Features:
  • Compact pressure control system - valve with integrated on-board controller electronics
              - Easy integration, no need for additional cables or rack space
  • High-speed configurations available (<250 msec. open to close)
              - Faster set point and recovery from flow and pressure perturbations
              - Enables high tool throughput
  • Selectable high torque drives
  •          - Extends uptime in harsh process conditions
  • Dual channel Baratron® sensor input with range auto switching
  •           - Supports wide dynamic pressure control range
              - Allows for high pressure control accuracy
  • Advanced model-based pressure control algorithm
  •           - Minimizes time to set point
              - Ensures repeatable process recipes without operator involvement
  • Available in low conductance soft-sealing versions
  •           - Supports high-pressure processes even at low flows (Epi, RTP, SACVD and more)
              - Suitable for "house exhaust" or atmospheric applications
  • Provides power for connected Baratron capacitance manometers (optional, some models)

The T2BA Exhaust Throttle Valve can operate in two primary modes: flapper positioning or pressure control, either of which can be user-activated through the I/O interface. All of the adjustable setup parameters, run time operation, and diagnostics information is available through the communications interface. EtherCAT T2BA is fully compatible with EtherCAT manometers. Analog manometers require a gateway.

The downstream pressure control technique provides wide dynamic range, works with all types of pumps, provides fast response, and is tolerant to most effluent gases. The "intelligent instrument" concept results in valuable system space savings, improved noise immunity, and easy access to time-critical process and calibration information as well as on-board diagnostic functions.

The T2BA utilizes a direct drive high-speed stepper motor. The valve driver provides high resolution pressure control. The optional, high torque direct drive motor provides extended uptime and extends preventative maintenance cycles — a great advantage in demanding processes where just one hour of downtime can cost thousands of dollars. The T2BA is also available in geared versions, providing maximum torque and enabling long-term operation in harsh environments.The T2BA valves are optionally heatable up to 200°C with available MKS external heaters (proper selection of seal materials is required).

The T2BA is available in unique MKS low-conductance versions, enabling high-speed pressure control in atmospheric applications, including exhaust pressure control, CVD and RTP without a need for relying on O-Ring-based designs to minimize valve conductance. An encoder-based position feedback system is provided for diagnostic purposes. The valve is constructed of corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel compatible with most process gases and is available in standard ISO flange styles with bore sizes from 1" to 4" (alternate sizes available on a custom basis). Standard seals offered are Viton®, alternate materials can be specified for compatibility with various process chemistries and/or heated applications.


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