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Ideal Vacuum ExploraVAC CUBE Ultimate TVAC Thermal Vacuum Test Chamber System, With 9-Inch Modular Vacuum Cube Chamber

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  1-Year Limited Warranty

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On Sale: $69,089.99

Ideal Vacuum ExploraVAC CUBE Ultimate TVAC Thermal Vacuum Test Chamber System, With 9-Inch Modular Vacuum Cube Chamber 69089.99
Currency: US Dollar (USD)


ExploraVAC Ultimate Modular TVAC Thermal Vacuum Cube Test Chamber System, With 9-Inch Vacuum Cube Chamber, Heated and Cooled 6 x 6 inch Platen, Turbo Pump, and Edwards nXDS10ic Chemical Series Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump

This ExploraVAC TVAC thermal vacuum test chamber is our Modular Vacuum Cube version, it is the ultimate in on-site user reconfigurable environmental simulation systems. Being built with our 9-inch modular Ideal Vacuum Cube, which allows chamber wall plates to be easily swapped out by the operator, it can be quickly reconfigured for different applications. It offers heated and cooled sample temperature control from -70 to +400 °C, with an accuracy of ± 1.5 °C, on a 6” × 6” high-surface-area thermally isolated platen. This is a turnkey TVAC system with integrated rough and high vacuum systems, featuring a modular 9-inch aluminum Vacuum Cube chamber, having a volume of 0.42 cubic feet. It also includes a hinged window door and is mounted on top of our ExploraVAC stand. This system includes an intuitive push button front panel user interface, which controls all the chamber functions. It also employs a built in Pfeiffer HiPace 80 turbomolecular pump and an Edwards nXDS10ic chemical resistant dry scroll vacuum pump, to achieve pressures as low as 10-7 Torr. This TVAC system as configured, has full pressure control with a ceiling of 280,000 feet, when the chamber is evacuated by the dry scroll pump alone. When the chamber is crossed over and pumped by the turbomolecular vacuum pump its pressure simulates that of deep space, in the 10-7 Torr range. Chamber venting is controlled by our smart Ideal Vacuum Command Valve, which allows chamber pressurization at rates of up to 10 Torr per second, which is more rapid pressurization than an object feels in free fall. The operator can select preferred pressure units in Altitude, Torr, Atmospheres, Bar, Pascals, or PSI. This system also includes two Convectron, a micro-ion, and a piezo-electric vacuum pressure gauges to provide feedback to the user and for the logic controller. An internally-regulated purge gas port allows introduction of user-selected gases into the chamber.

Preconfigured Options:
• 9-Inch Modular Vacuum Cube Chamber
• Aluminum Hinged Front Window Chamber Door
• Full Vacuum Pressure Control
• Purge Ports
• Heated And Cooled Platen
• Closed-Loop Refrigerated Cryogenic Cooling System
• Pfeiffer HiPace 80 Turbomolecular Pump
• Edwards nXDS10ic Chemical Series Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump
• Multiported Side Plate (Allows for a variety of feedthroughs to be added)

This ExploraVAC Modular TGVAC Thermal vacuum Cube Test Chamber system cabinet has a conveniently angled front panel control surface with colored LED pushbutton interface. PID controllers and gauges are installed as required for the user selected options. System functions, including pump and valve sequencing for efficient pump down cycles, and safety interlocks for preventing equipment damage, are managed by a PLC. The front accessible, built-in, NEMA style enclosure, houses the electronics needed for system operation.

The back of the cabinet holds a bulkhead feedthrough panel for chamber venting, pump exhaust and the purge gas option. A digital feedthrough back panel has multiple ports: a DB9 connector for running the system from a PC with our AutoExplor software (optional - not included in the current price). With our optional AutoExplor software package adds the extra functionality of multi-stepped or looped pressure and altitude recipes for automated testing and data logging. The user can create, run, save and repeat complex system “recipes” along with logging, storing and retrieving real-time system generated data. Additionally, our AutoExplor software can be installed on a workstation or laptop running Microsoft Windows 10 and used to remotely control our ExploraVAC systems.

This Modular TVAC thermal vacuum Cube Test Chamber ExploraVAC system can reach pressures down to 10-7 Torr and has a heated and cooled platen which allows sample temperatures to be controlled from -70 to +400 °C, with accurate to ± 1.5 °C, has a weight of 656 lb. and an input requirement of 1-phase 208 VAC at 28 Amps. This system could be customize to obtain any desired rate of rise by adding additional vacuum pumps mounted outside the cabinet.

Our ExploraVAC series of vacuum chamber test instruments create precise environments empowering the operator with complete laboratory control over internal chamber pressure and temperature. These instruments are built with innovation in mind, they allow for prototype device exploration in vacuum during the product research and development phase. Our thermal vacuum test chamber instruments are designed to allow users to quickly tailor experiments to gather product analysis and diagnostics data as the product is subjected to the extreme stress factors of vacuum and temperature.

Our ExploraVAC thermal vacuum test chambers are a series of instruments which are completely configurable with many available system options.

System Configuration Options:
• High Vacuum
• Heated and Cooled Platen
• Closed-Loop Refrigerated Cryogenic Cooling System
• Full Vacuum Pressure Control
• Automated Software Control
• Integrated Chamber Lighting
• Touch Screen User Interface
• Remote Control Operation
• Chamber Wall Heating
• Purge Ports, Chamber Shelving, and Much More

Chamber Options:
We have a large selection of vacuum chambers to choose from when configuring one of our ExploraVAC systems, including our welded stainless steel vacuum chambers in cubic sizes (12, 16, 20, 24 or 28 inch) or our Ideal Vacuum Cube modular vacuum chambers in cubic sizes (9, 12 or 24 inch).

SizeVolume (Cubic ft)

Our ExploraVAC series of pressure and temperature controlled test chambers are a perfect solution for many product testing requirements.

Sample Applications:
• Environmental Testing Chamber
• Altitude Test Chamber
• Space Simulation Test Chamber
• Thermal Shock Chamber
• Aerospace & Aeronautical Engineering Test Chamber
• High Altitude Flight Component Testing
• Vacuum Oven
• Vacuum Freeze Drying


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