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Pfeiffer ONF 25L Oil Mist Eliminator for Duo 20M, Penta 20, KF25 Outlet Flange Pumps PN PKZ40158

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Pfeiffer ONF 25L Oil Mist Eliminator for Duo 20M, Penta 20, KF25 Outlet Flange Pumps PN PKZ40158 1073.6
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Pfeiffer ONF 25L Oil Mist Eliminator for Uno 30, Twin 20-10, Duo 20M, Penta 20, KF25 Outlet Flange Pumps, PN PKZ40158

For Pfeiffer Pumps up to 20 m3/h (12 CFM).The Pfeiffer ONF 25L (KF25) oil mist filter separator is mounted on the exhaust connection of Pfeiffer rotary vane pumps. It prevents air pollution from operating oil mist that is ejected by the pump to a greater or lesser degree depending on the operating pressure. The filter inserts are installed in a housing made of corrosion-resistant aluminum and consist of a cylindrical filter of glass polyester fleece. The filter inserts are opened by an incorporated pressure relief valve when the contamination becomes excessive so that the maximum working pressure of 1.5 bar (absolute) cannot be exceeded. The collected oil mist, now fluid can be observed through the sightglass and discharged with the drain screw. For complete application, specifications and dimensions, download PDF below at AVAILABLE DOWNLOADS.

Fits Pfeiffer Rotary Vane Pumps with NW25, KF25 Outlet Flanges:
Pfeiffer Rotary Vane Pumps:
Uno 30, Duo 20M, Penta 20, Twin 20-10

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