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Available Now: 3   NEW IdealVac XtremeFreez XFT-4 Cascade Foreline Trap, Stainless Steel, to -90 C, 4 liter, 120 VAC 6486

Sale: $6,486.00

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NEW IdealVac XtremeFreez XFT-4 Cascade Foreline Trap, Stainless Steel, to -90 C, 4 liter, 120 VAC

The IdealVac XFT-4 XtremeFreez Cascade Vapor Trap, stainless steel, to -90 C (-130F), 4 liter, 120 VAC.

The IdealVac XFT-4 XtremeFreez Cascade Vapor Trap is a mechanically refrigerated cold trap that protects expensive vacuum pumps from harmful vapors which can shorten their life. The harmful vapors constitute any condensable gases such as water vapor, which, when allowed into the vacuum pump oil, cause it to break down. This results in decreased lubrication and can eventually cause failure of the pump. In addition, Vapor Traps eliminate the expense and potential hazards associated with the refilling and monitoring of liquid nitrogen or dry ice traps.

These Vapor Traps consist of a well-insulated stainless steel chamber that is cooled by direct expansion of refrigerant in refrigeration lines that are bonded directly to the outside of the chamber walls. This method of refrigeration is a highly efficient and energy-saving means of heat removal. These Vapor Traps have a maximum low temperature of -90 degrees Celsius (-130 degrees fahrenheit). The process is fairly simple. Vapors enter the chamber through a port in the vacuum top plate, while the vapors circulate in the chamber, they strike the sides and are frozen-out adhering to the side wall. The good gases are allowed to evacuate to the pump and not the water vapor.

The system traps all condensable vapors that have freezing points higher than the operating temperature of the Vapor Trap. Non-condensable vapors and gases are evacuated through a second port in the lid to the vacuum pump. Traps are rated to accommodate vacuum pump flow rates of up to 250 liters per minute. (9scfm). This trap is very easy to use and has digital readout indicator controls. (This is a Vapor Trap ONLY. A stainless steel vacuum top plate with or without flanges and glass liner copper mesh heat transfer jacket are optional and available on this website.) For complete directions for use, download .pdf of Vapor Trap Operator's Manual, See .PDF AVAILABLE DOWNLOADS to the side.

• Protection of oil sealed vacuum pumps
• Gel drying
• Evaporators
• Dryers
• Dehydration of gas streams

Key Features:
• Mechanically refrigerated
• One touch operation
• Small footpring
• Digital temperature readout
• Efficient removal of heat
• 4 liter capacity

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XtremeFreez Cascade Trap freezes down to -90 degrees celsius without liquid Nitrogen or dry ice the Xtreme Freez used as vacuum traping vapor
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