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Edwards nXR90i Multi Stage Roots Pump, 53 cfm, 100-240VAC, 1-Phase, PN A90602983

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Edwards nXR90i Multi Stage Roots Pump, 53 cfm, 100-240VAC, 1-Phase, PN A90602983 18954.67
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Edwards nXR90i Multi Stage Roots Pump, 53 cfm, 100-240VAC, 1-Phase.
Edwards PN A90602983

When performance matters look no further than the nXR90i multi stage dry pump, with pumping speed performance of 90 m3 h-1 from our most compact footprint. It delivers four times more pumping speed than similar sized dry pumps, and with low ultimate and high reliability you are assured a consistent and stable vacuum for years to come. For reduced power consumption look no further than the Edwards nXRi dry pump, optimized to low power for lower energy costs and reduced heat load from your vacuum equipment. Designed with size in mind, the compact footprint and height allow the nXRi dry pump to fit easily under a benchtop saving valuable space in your laboratory; and at under 30kg offers a highly portable vacuum pump for changing work flows and environments.

Clean processes and clean results are guaranteed with the nXRi compact dry pump, being totally oil-free and dust-free within the vacuum chamber. Being free of oil, smells and particulates guarantees a more pleasant working environment. Analytical Instrument OEMs benefit from the ease of integration into most vacuum systems for a ready to go vacuum solution. Perfect for mass spectrometry, electron microscopy and leak detection. R&D and Industrial customers will enjoy the design flexibility, oil-free and low maintenance features. These Edwards dry pumps are highly energy efficient and use the newest electric motor technology, the pump consumes as low as 450W at base pressure which is the best amongst competitors.

With more efficient technology there is an industry leading 55% reduction in energy savings, reduction in heat generated which translate to savings of 500$ or more per year. The Edwards nXRi offers green and energy efficient vacuum generation. The new pumping technology boasts up to 5 years of no maintenance required. The pump boasts excellent pumping speed in class for size and motor rating about 53 CFM and easy to use NW/KF-40 inlet flange and KF-25 exhaust flange, very quiet at 55 dB(A), and a ultimate pressure of 0.015 torr or 15 mtorr. For Complete Specifications see Brochure.pdf to the Left at Downloads.


Edwards nXTi Dry Multistage Roots Pump Specs
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