MKS HPS 317 Convection Enhanced Pirani Vacuum Sensor Conflat CF 2.75 inch. PN: 103170014SH
MKS HPS® Series 317 Convection Enhanced Pirani Vacuum Sensor features a 0.001 to 1000 Torr, Conflat CF 2.75 in.
MKS Part Number: 103170014SH.

The MKS HPS® 317 Convection-Enhanced Pirani Sensor provides dependable and stable pressure measurement at a very low cost, Compatible with MKS 947 Convection Enhanced Pirani Gauge Controller. Since the only materials exposed to vacuum are stainless steel, nickel, glass, and platinum, the sensor is compatible with a wide array of process gases and is especially suitable for UHV applications. The platinum filament effectively eliminates any reading variance throughout a convection sensor’s higher measuring range. More accurate than a thermocouple sensor, the 317 Sensor measures over a wider pressure range and responds more rapidly to process pressure changes. The upper measuring limit of a convection-enhanced Pirani sensor is increased over that of a traditional Pirani sensor from 0.001 to 1,000 Torr. This higher limit is useful when monitoring the pumpdown of a vacuum system from atmosphere to a base pressure. The sensor compensates for any changes in room temperature ranging from 10° to 50°C.

Like all thermal conductivity sensors, the 317 sensor is innately gas-type sensitive. This feature makes it a simple solution for locating medium to fine leaks in vacuum systems. It complements a mass spectrometer leak detector, which is more efficient in finding smaller leaks. The sensor, which is shielded against RF noise, meets CE mark requirements and can be baked to 100°C. This 317 Sensor include standard vacuum connections such as this CF 2.75 Conflat flange. The cable for this sensor is not included but available in standard 10 feet lengths. The 317 Sensor can be used with the Series 947 Convection Pirani Vacuum Gauge Controller also sold on this website. A complete specification brochure and operations manual are available for download in PDF format below.

Product: MKS HPS 317 Convection Enhanced Pirani Vacuum Sensor Conflat CF 2.75 inch. PN: 103170014SH
Condition:      New
Warranty:     MKS Instruments Warranty
Part Number: P108198
Price: $532.61