NEW Edwards EPX 500LE High Vacuum Primary Dry Vacuum Pump 208 VAC 3PH. 3/8 in. Water Connector ISO 160 Inlet - Part Number A41953012 - Without TIM
Edwards EPX 500LE High Vacuum DryPump. Edwards Part Number A41953012

The new compact EPX 500LE high vacuum dry pump offers enhanced performance with reduced cost of ownership. Using a unique patent protected mechanism the EPX 500LE is capable of pumping from atmosphere to ultimate pressures of <7 x 10-5 Torr. These are truly amazing pumps; the Edwards EPX pump can pump down from atmosphere to the turbo molecular pressure range and can operate continuously at all inlet pressures. Based on the successful award winning IPX range, the modular EPX500 offers outstanding performance in a package that is 20% lighter, 30% smaller and requires 40% less power than the IPX. The EPX series of pumps has an End User Controller (EUC). The End User Controller enables local control for stand-alone use as well as the ability to connect to a fab-wide network for remote control and monitoring. The EPX pump system operates at pressures between atmospheric and ultimate vacuum, with no lubricating or sealing fluid in the pumping chamber. This ensures a clean pumping system without back-migration of oil or fluid into the system being evacuated.

The stator of the pump and the enclosed motor are cooled by an integrated water cooling circuit. The EPX pump is therefore suitable for applications in cleanroom environments where fan cooling is unacceptable. The cooling water supply and return pipelines are connected to the pump by water connectors (customer specified). Cooling water must commensurate with the environmental conditions (humidity and temperature) such that the dewpoint is not reached. The pump incorporates an EMC supply filter and an inverter drive, which provides and controls the electrical supply to the pump-motor. LEDs on the front cover identify the status of the EPX pump. Motor speed depends on the pressure at the pump inlet. When the pump is started with the inlet pressure at or close to atmospheric pressure, the motor accelerates to a speed which is limited by the current which can be supplied by the inverter drive. As the pressure at the inlet is reduced, the motor speed increases, until it eventually reaches its preset maximum speed. If the pressure at the inlet increases, the motor will slow down again.

The EPX LE series of pumps can be manually operated using the End User Control (EUC) local display and keypad, or remotely using a Pump Display Terminal (PDT), if fitted; it can also be controlled and monitored over the network, which connects to the EPX pump through the Network connector. When the EPX series of pumps is controlled via the Tool Interface Module (TIM), the EUC simply monitors the status of the pump. The EPX pump is compatible with Fabworks 32. The EPX pump is supported by four vibration isolators. Pump protection sensors automatically shut down the pump if a fault condition arises. The EPX series covers a broad range of applications from wafer handling through to medium duty processes. The EPX LE Series has been designed for use in clean duty applications pumping inert gas mixtures, such as loadlock, whereby control is provided by the process tool interface.

    Process Compatibility Applications for EPX 500LE Include:
  • Load Lock

  • Transfer Chamber

  • Features and Benefits Include:
  • Compact Footprint Smallest in the industry.
  • Low Cost of Ownership Only 1.4 kW of power.
  • Unique Patent Protected Pumping Mechanism Pump down at atmosphere to turbomolecular base pressure and can operate continuously at all inlet pressures.
  • Ultra Clean Mechanism No grease or oil lubricated bearings exposed to high vacuum that allows no other source of potential contamination.
  • Extremely Reliable Has a MTBFp = 13 years (SEMI E10) with service periods of around every 5 years to maximize the life of the pump.
  • Network Compatible Available with End User Control and can be connected to a fab-wide network for diagnostic monitoring and control.

  • Features for this Part No. A41953012 Include:
  • EPX500LE High Vacuum Drypump.

  • No TIM (Tool Interface Module) but available.
  • Water Cooling Hookup 3/8 inch Quick Connect.
  • 208 VAC - 3 phase.

Product: NEW Edwards EPX 500LE High Vacuum Primary Dry Vacuum Pump 208 VAC 3PH. 3/8 in. Water Connector ISO 160 Inlet - Part Number A41953012 - Without TIM
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