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MKS HPS 943 Cold Cathode Vacuum Gauge Controller for MKS 423 I-Mag Cold Cathode Gauge

Part Number:
  MKS Instruments Warranty

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Sale: $1,834.52

MKS HPS 943 Cold Cathode Vacuum Gauge Controller for MKS 423 I-Mag Cold Cathode Gauge 1834.52
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Anticipated Arrival   3 on 2024-07-10
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MKS HPS® Series 943 Cold Cathode Vacuum Gauge Controller, Compatible with 423 I-Mag® Cold Cathode sensor or 421 sensor for UHV use.
MKS Part Number: 943-120V60-TR-PC.

The MKS HPS® Series 943 Cold Cathode vacuum gauge controller is compatible with the Series 423 I-Mag® sensor for OEM or industrial use and the 421 sensor for UHV use. The Series 943 Cold Cathode vacuum gauge controller is designed to be user-friendly and to provide fast, reliable pressure measurement from 10-10 to 10-2 Torr. The 943 Cold Cathode Vacuum Gauge is well-suited for industrial, process and analytical applications including pressure measurement of high vacuum chambers and control of high vacuum systems. Areas of applications may include high energy physics, analytical instruments, laser production, ion implantation, mass spectrometry, or PVD. The 943 digital controller features two standard independent relay set points, which allows you to confidently control your process. Adjust the set points from the front panel while viewing the display. Red LEDs indicate set point activation status.

The Series 943 displays pressure from 10-10 to 10-2 Torr using a high visibility LED display. Two types of analog output are standard, for remote monitoring of pressure. An internal converter provides output that allows a simple log conversion from voltage to pressure over the entire operating range. A fast responding, buffered analog output is also provided through the 15 pin accessory connector on the rear panel. Front panel functions allow the user to disable the high voltage, as well as set a pressure at which the cold cathode will automatically turn off. This prevents the controller from displaying incorrect readings when the pressure goes above the operating range of the sensor. This unit is brand new and comes with power cord, an accessory connector kit, and an instruction manual. The 421 Sensor and 423 I-Mag® Sensor for this unit and signal cable are sold separetely on this website. A complete specification brochure and operations manual are available for download in PDF format below.


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