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MKS HPS 910 DualTrans Micropirani Absolute Piezo Transducer KF16 RS232, 10-5 to 1500 Torr

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Sale: $1,027.77

MKS HPS 910 DualTrans Micropirani Absolute Piezo Transducer KF16 RS232, 10-5 to 1500 Torr 1027.77
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MKS HPS® Series 910 DualTrans™ Micropirani Absolute Piezo Transducer, KF16, RS232, PN 910-11

The HPS® Series 910 is a dual sensor transducer, combining the pressure measurement technology of Pirani and Piezo with an integrated electronic control circuit. The transducer measurement range is 10-5 to 1,500 Torr. The Piezo is a direct-reading absolute pressure sensor, allowing the measurement to be gas independent. The sensor includes a unique temperature compensation, allowing for high accuracy over a wide measurement range. The Piezo will measure from 10-1 to 1,500 Torr.The MicroPirani performs an autozero function to the Piezo when pressure is below 10-2 Torr. Unlike traditional Pirani gauges, the element in the MicroPirani™ is made of a one millimeter square silicon chip, allowing the measurements to be made in a very small volume. A traditional Pirani sensor has a measuring range from 10-3 to about 100 Torr, rapidly losing sensitivity above 10 Torr. Because the size of the sensing portion of the MicroPirani™ is so small, it has a range down to 10-5 Torr. The design minimizes the effects of convection, so operation is possible in any position without compromising accuracy, for simplified installation. The transducer includes a push button zero control than can be used when pressure is below 10-5 Torr.

The Series 910 digital communication allows for all adjustments and monitoring to be delivered real-time, via a host computer. The 910 includes RS485 or RS232 communication as a standard feature. The Series 910 provides a 1 to 9 volt DC analog output signal at the male 15 pin high density D-sub connector. The transducer output is smoothed between the two sensors and reads from both sensors in the 5 to 15 Torr range. For process control, the 910 has three independent relay setpoints. Features of the setpoints can be set, adjusted and monitored through the digital port. Like all thermal conductivity sensors, the MicroPiraniTM is gas-type sensitive. The Piezo measures independent of gas type. The 910 provides a digital leak detection output that measures differential reading between the Piezo and MicroPirani™. This makes it a simple solution for locating medium to fine leaks in vacuum systems. Customers requiring both a power supply and display can use the 910 DualTrans with the PDR900 Series Controller sold on this website. For Complete Specs and Operation Information See AVAILABLE DOWNLOADS Below.

  • Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice. HPS® and MicroPirani™ are a Registered Trademarks MKS Instruments, Inc.

    Options, (PN) Part Number and Pricing : NEW MKS HPS® Series 910 DualTrans™ Micropirani Absolute Piezo Transducer PN 910-11

    ISO-KF NW 16, RS-232,
    PN 910-11, 2009 Price $635
    ISO-KF NW 16, RS-485,
    PN 910-12, 2009 Price $635
    4 VCR-F, RS-232,
    PN 910-41, 2009 Price $665
    4 VCR-F, RS-485,
    PN 910-42, 2009 Price $665
    8 VCR-F, RS-232,
    PN 910-51, 2009 Price $670
    8 VCR-F, RS-485,
    PN 910-52, 2009 Price $670
  • All Prices subject to change without notice.
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