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Leybold TURBO.CONTROL i Display Unit And Remote User Interface For All TURBOVAC i-Series Turbo Pumps. PN: 800100V0004

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Leybold TURBO.CONTROL i Display Unit And Remote User Interface For All TURBOVAC i-Series Turbo Pumps. PN: 800100V0004 1647.89
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Leybold TURBO.CONTROL i Display Unit And Remote User Interface For All TURBOVAC i-Series Turbo Pumps.
Leybold Part Number PN: 800100V0004.

The Leybold TURBO.CONTROL i remote user-interface has a display & front soft keys to allow monitoring and control of all TURBOVAC i-series turbo pumps. These i-Series pumps are operation ready, having a fully functional built-in controller. The TURBO.CONTROL i can issue start & stop along with read & write parameters to the i-series turbo pump’s integrated controller by either RS 485 (maximum cable length 30 meters) or USB (maximum cable length 5 meters). This unit can only operate one pump at a time and requires an external 24 VDC AC/DC adapter providing 1.5 Amps (sold separately). They can be rack mounted or placed on the benchtop with the optional tabletop housing.

The Leybold TURBO.CONTROL i remote user-interface also includes an integrated networking communication port (RJ-45). Operations can be carried out via the pre-installed webserver software. A local area network (LAN) computer can be used through the Ethernet to access the unit's independent webserver with any common web browser. All turbo pump parameters can then be easily viewed and adjusted by PC or mobile device.

The Leybold TURBO.CONTROL i unit has ports for the connection of up to two vacuum pressure gauge sensors. They are compatible with the Leybold THERMOVAC and PENNINGVAC series vacuum pressure gauge sensors. The connected gauge sensors are Plug and Play, they are automatically recognized, and can be configured to user selectable pressure units (Torr, Pascal, and Mbar) along with a selectable gas correction factor.

Compatible Vacuum Gauge Sensors:
  • PTR 90 PENNINGVAC Pirani & Cold Cathode Ionization Gauge
  • PTR 90N PENNINGVAC Pirani & Cold Cathode Ionization Gauge
  • TTR 91 Thermovac MEMS-Pirani Vacuum Transducer
  • TTR 91N Thermovac MEMS-Pirani Vacuum Transducer
  • TTR 101 Thermovac Pirani & Capacitance Gauge
  • TTR 101N Thermovac Pirani & Capacitance Gauge

The Leybold TURBO.CONTROL i creates and saves a log file that the operator can easily view with our free DataViewer PC software, available in the Downloads section. This software is intuitive, with simple operating menus, allowing the user to quickly access real-time turbo pump status data along with the key parameters recorded in its event log files.

TURBO.CONTROL i Interface Functions:
  • Monitor TURBOVAC pump during operation
  • Read and write parameters
  • Issue pump start, stop, and standby commands
  • Observe pump’s speed, current, and bearing temperature
  • View warnings, error messages, and descriptions
  • Set functions of the 24-VDC accessory connections X201, X202, X203
  • Activate TURBOVAC based on pressure
  • Attach laptop and operate TURBOVAC pump via web server
  • View logged data in real-time
  • Read out log memory and analyze with data viewer PC tool
  • Read out parameter set and error memory of the turbo pump with a PC

The Leybold TURBO.CONTROL i is compatible with all TURBOVAC i-series turbo pumps:
  • TURBOVAC 90i
  • TURBOVAC 250i
  • TURBOVAC 350i
  • TURBOVAC 450i
  • TURBOVAC 850i
  • TURBOVAC 950i
  • TURBOVAC 1350i
  • TURBOVAC 1450i
This TURBO.CONTROL i Display unit has Leybold part number 800100V0004.


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