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Leybold Smart Monitoring Graphix ONE Series Vacuum Pressure Controller, 1 Channel

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  1-Year Limited Warranty

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Sale: $2,111.29

Leybold Smart Monitoring Graphix ONE Series Vacuum Pressure Controller, 1 Channel 2111.29
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Leybold Smart Monitoring Graphix ONE Series Pressure Controller with 1 Measurement Channel for Active Sensor Gauges.
Leybold PN 230680V01.

The Leybold Graphix Series ONE pressure controller represents the latest multipurpose pressure active sensor gauge controller. With complete coverage and control of vacuum pressures in the range between 1x10-10 to 2000 mbar or (0.75 X 10-10 to 1500 Torr) with an analog or digital interface. Depending on the model these units offer one to three channels of measurement. This Graphix ONE controller has 1 measurement channel and is able to read pressures from the following gauges, Capacitance, Piezo, Thermal conductivity, Cold Cathode Ion (Penning) and Hot Cathode Ion (Bayard-Alpert) from Leybold. These being THERMOVAC, IONIVAC, PENNINGVAC and CERAVAC as well as DU sensor gauges for the measurement of pressures above and below atmospheric pressures from Leybold Vacuum. It is also possible to use sensor gauges made by other manufacturers by entering a variable analog logarithmic or analog linear characteristic ranging from 0 – 10 Volt.

The Leybold Graphix Series ONE lets you touch and feel the difference with a new touch screen graphics display with intuitive user interface and easy to read curve and bar graph displays. The compact pressure controller allows for adjustable switching thresholds with variable hysteresis, floating changeover contacts and visual indication of the switching status in the display, freely assignable to the individual measurement channels. With pressure readouts in selectable measurements in mbar, Torr, Micron, Pascal or Psi. The controller is contained in a compact bench top housing with large color led displays.

Each Leybold Graphix Gauge Controller ONE, TWO, or THREE Offers:
  • Display range from 1 x 10-10 to 2000 mbar (0.75 x 10-10 to 1500 Torr)
  • 3.5 inch touch screen display with intuitive menu interface
  • Graphic display of the measurement data
  • Internal and external (front side USB) storing of measurement data and configuration files
  • Leak rate indication based on the pressure rise method
  • 6 adjustable variable hysteresis switching thresholds, floating changeover contacts and visual indication
    of the switching status in the display area, freely assignable to the individual measurement channels
  • Different visualization options (graphs and decimal display with zoom function)
  • Connection readout to many other brands of gauge sensors
  • Degas function for ITR transmitters
  • Zero alignment for CTR transmitters
  • 3 separate chart recorder outputs 0 to 10 V for each measurement channel (analog output)
  • Display selectable between mbar, Torr, micron, Pascal or psi
  • Visualization through LEYASSIST software running on a PC
  • Sensor Gauge Connections - 15 pin Sub-D and FCC68 (RJ45)
  • RS 232 C / RS 485 Interface
  • Power connection 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz


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