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Leybold D65B with WAU-251 RUTA Vacuum Pump System, Hydrocarbon Oil, Skid Direct Mount

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On Sale: $24,417.60

Leybold D65B with WAU-251 RUTA Vacuum Pump System, Hydrocarbon Oil, Skid Direct Mount 24417.6
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Leybold D65B with WAU-251 RUTA Series Hydrocarbon Oil Vacuum Pump System.
Skid Direct Mount Vacuum Pump Package.

These Leybold RUTA vacuum pump systems include a direct mounted WAU-251 Root's blower with D65B rotary vane backing pump, have a large 148 cfm pumping speed with an excellent ultimate pressure of 6x10-4 Torr. These are standard industrial Root's blower packages prepared for hydrocarbon vacuum pump oil and driven by an air cooled motor. The WAU pumps are easy to operate, include a pressure differential valve that allows them to be started at the same time as the roughing pump. These Leybold RUTA vacuum pump packages have ISO-63 inlet flange, KF-40 exhaust flange, requires 3.9 liters of vacuum pump oil, weigh approximately 573 lbs, and operates on 3-Phase 200-230, 440-480 VAC input power.

Standard Equipment Optional Accessories
  • Exhaust Filter
  • Oil Collection Pan (On Frame Mounted Systems Only)
  • Manually Operated Gas Ballast
  • Crane Eyes (On Frame Mounted Systems Only)
  • Floor Mounting (On Frame Mounted Systems Only)
  • The oil is supplied in the pump (Hydrocarbon Systems Only)
  • CE Approval
  • Oil Filtration
  • 24 VDC Gas Ballast Valve
  • Sound Proofing Box
  • Vibration Absorbers
  • Castors
  • Different types of floor mounts
  • Oil drain valve on each pump
  • Condensation Trapping Systems
  • Inlet Filters for Dust or Particulate
  • Exhaust filter with oil return line
  • Electric Control Systems

  • Introduction to RUTA Vacuum Systems

Ideal Vacuum Products is proud to supply Leybold RUTA Root's blower vacuum systems and when all possible, we strive to ship our stocked inventory of vacuum pump systems within 24-hours of your order. Root's blower systems are the vacuum workhorse of...
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    many industrial applications and research systems. The reasoning is, that the Root's blower super-charges the roughing pump, which greatly increases the vacuum systems pumping speed, below the 10 Torr pressure range. On the atmosphere pressure side the vacuum systems pumping speed is more close to the pumping speed for the independent roughing pump, but as the pressure in the system falls the Root's blower really increases the vacuum systems pumping speed. The pumping speed approaches the maximum pumping speed of the blower near 1 Torr. The ultimate pressure of a vacuum pump system depends on the number of stages it has, this is the reason our Leybold RUTA vacuum pump packages have a lower ultimate pressure than the independent roughing pump, final pressures of 1x10-4 Torr or lower are common. These mechanical vacuum systems are very durable & long lasting with easy preventive maintenance (PM), only requiring oil & oil filter changes.

  • Options to Choose

We stock Leybold RUTA Root's blower vacuum system packages that have maximum pumping speed ranging from 125 to 1,000 CFM, with single or dual stage backing pumps built from rotary vane or rotary piston technology.
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    Large Range of Pumping Speeds to choose from
    Backing pumps as small as the Leybold D40B (33 CFM - dual stage) to as large as the SV630B (massive 444 CFM - single stage) are available on our Root's blower vacuum pump systems. These roughing pumps can be combined with our Orelikon Leybold blowers ranging in sizes of 251, 501, 1001, and 2001 to produce the pumping speed and ultimate pressure that you need.

    Available in Corrosive or Standard Industrial Systems
    Ideal Vacuum Products stocks both corrosive duty and standard industrial service Leybold RUTA Root's blower vacuum pump system packages. The standard industrial vacuum pump systems, systems with WAU blowers, use standard hyrdocarbon oil. The corrosive duty vacuum pump systems, typically with WSU blowers, use PFPE (perfluoro-polyether) oils, such as, Fomblin fluids. PFPE is chemically inert and is therefore resistant to oxidizing agents, such as Fluorine (F) and Chlorine (Cl) and is used in vacuum pumping system on chemical applications. These properties enables the PFPE fluid to withstand even the most harsh chemical environments while maintaining excellent high vacuum performance.

    Frame or Direct Mounted
    We offer Leybold RUTA vacuum systems that have either frame mounted or direct mounted Root's blowers. With direct mounted, the blower is supported directly on top of the lower roughing pump with a solid direct mount support adapter. The basic rule for direct mounted systems is that the lower roughing pump needs to be able to support the mass of the upper blower. That is, direct mounted RUTA systems have an upper limited on the maximum blower size that can be connected. If a larger blower is desired a frame mounted system is needed. The frame can support the more massive blower above the smaller roughing pump. The advantages are that direct mounted RUTA systems are more compact having the lowest height to blower intake flange. The frame mounted systems are taller but very robust.

    RUTA Pump Systems With Condensers
    If the vacuum systems must pump larger quantities of vapor or of vapor gas mixtures, it is economical to insert cold condensers within the pump system. Cooled condensers are themselves effective partial pumps which condense most of the vapors from the pumped media. The downstream mechanical pumps will then only need to pump those gases which have not already condensed. The quantity and chemical properties of vapor present in each case determines the size of the condenser and the temperature at which it is operated. The size of the downstream pump is determined by the quantity of the non-condensable gases, the required pressure, and the required pump-down time for the system. All Leybold RUTA series vacuum systems may be equipped with one or several condensers. These are often used in the chemical industry where RUTA vacuum pump systems with condensers are not only used to generate vacuum but they are often employed in recovery of solvents.

  • Difference between the WSU and WAU Blowers

One major difference between the WSU and WAU Root's blowers is that the WSU blowers are hermetically sealed and have a canned motor. They do not have a shaft seal, the motor is inside the vacuum so no shaft seal is needed...
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    The hermetically sealed property is important for harsh chemical applications where the WSU PFPE prepared blowers are commonly found. The standard series WAU blowers are not hermetically sealed, have the motor outside the vacuum, and do contain a shaft seal. We are excited to announce that both the RUTA WAU & WSU pumps can be operated at any pressure between atmosphere and ultimate vacuum! Common to all RUTA "U" series blowers WAU & WSU is the integrated bypass valve feature which permits switching on the blower pump at the same time as the backing pump. The bypass valve maintains the maximum permissible pressure differential across the blower rotors. This is important when the vacuum chamber pressure is high and the roughing pump is unable to keep the blower's discharge pressure adequately low. The gain is additional pumping speed and shorter cycle times. This is an edge advantage to load lock applications and time critical processes. The WS and WA (versions without the bi-pass valve) are available but require additional electronics and control systems to turn the blower motor off above 20 Torr. If your applications needs as WS or WA pump please let us know and we will quote the system you need.

  • Applications of Roots Blower Systems

Typical areas of application for RUTA pump systems included; industry, research & chemistry, processes for metal production and processing, drying, and degassing, thermal treatment, coating in the area of semiconductor manufacturing as well as...
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    surface refinement. RUTA pump systems are also used as backing pump sets for high vacuum systems in combination with diffusion pumps, turbomolecular pumps and cryo pumps.

    RUTA Pump Systems for the Metal Producing and Processing Industry
    In common vacuum furnace processes such as hardening, annealing, brazing, melting, and casting, oil-sealed or dry compressing standard vacuum pump systems are usually used. The oil-sealed systems consist of a combination of Root's vacuum pump and a single or two stage rotary vane or rotary piston pump.

    On small furnaces RUTA WAU blowers vacuum systems are the most suitable because these may be cut in at the higher operating pressure, while on larger furnaces and particularly where short pump-down cycles are required the use of larger RA series blowers with suitable sized backing pumps is advisable. For special processes, e.g. fusion or degassing of molten masses, due to the high dust contents, the additional use of a dust separator is required as well as equipping the backing pumps with oil filtering units.


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