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Agilent Varian TriScroll 600 Inverter Oil-Free Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump,1-Ph 200/240 VAC

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On Sale: $10,025.25

Agilent Varian TriScroll 600 Inverter Oil-Free Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump,1-Ph 200/240 VAC 10025.25
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Agilent Varian TriScroll 600 Inverter Oil-Free Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump,1-Ph 200/240 VAC
Agilent Part Number: PTS06001INV

Need the ultimate in quiet operating vacuum pump equipment? Check out our Varian frequency controlled Agilent Varian TriScroll 300 and 600 Inverter Dry Scroll vacuum pumps. When the application reaches vacuum the pumps slow down and operates extremely quiet. This save electrical power (observed as low as 180 Watts where a normal fixed frequency pump uses 800 Watts) and allows the laboratory to be library quite for study and research. Added benefits are, frequency controlled pumps run cooler and contribute less heat into the laboratory and require less service because slower rotational speeds do not produce as much mechanical wear on the pump parts. We offer Agilent Varian TriScroll 300 and 600 Inverter dry scroll and Varian HS452 and HS652 oil sealed rotary vane pumps which are sold on this website.

These new Agilent Varian 300 Triscroll inverter dry scroll pumps provides significant advantages over conventional vacuum pumps. Inverter-driven TriScroll 300 pumps deliver optimal and consistent performance and operate with low power requirements. The microprocessor-controlled frequency inverter is an efficient driving unit capable of delivering high starting torque and constant pump performance. These inverter driven pumps provide:

I/O and RS232/RS485 Communication:
  • Adjustable pumping speed from 45 to 62 Hz permits easy integration and reduces noise levels. Pump performance can be tailored to specific applications to reduce system costs.
Universal Input Voltage:
  • Truly universal single-phase voltage and frequency provide worldwide compatibility and constant performance at different input frequencies.
Reduced Power Requirements:
  • Inverter technology reduces the power required compared to traditional single phase motors. Circuit-breakers are no longer required, resulting in reduced system cost.
Higher Nominal Rotational Speed (2000 rpm)
  • These pump are ideally suited for steady and high gas-load applications.
The center photograph above shows a Agilent Varian TriScroll inverter-driven dry scroll pump with an attached speed controller kit. The speed controller kit has two user adjustable set points that allow you to sellect the vacuum level where the pump will change its operating motor rotation frequency. In our studies of these pumps we used the T-Plus software to connect to the I/O port on the pump and used the software to select the maxium and minium operating speed. We then removed the computer and attached the speed kit where we adjusted the low end set pump to 3 Torr. At this point the pump and attached speed controll kit are able to operate indepent of computer or user input. When the pump pulled vacuum below 3 Torr its motor frequecy would drop to the minimum value while maintaining the vacuum level. Above our set point the pump motor frequency would operate a maximum speed to quickly evacuate the application. The speed controll kit and T-Plus software are also sold on this web site.


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