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Pfeiffer TPG 366 MaxiGauge® 6-Channel Measurement & Control for Compact Gauges. PN: PT G28 770
In Stock
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Anticipated Arrival 1 on 2024-05-31

Pfeiffer TPG 366 MaxiGauge® 6-Port Total Pressure Measurement & Control Unit for Pfeiffer Compact Gauges. Pfeiffer Part Number: PT G28 770 (Replaces the Obsolete controller TPG 256) The Pfeiffer TPG 366 MaxiGauge® is a 6-port total pressure measurement and control unit for Pfeiffer Vacuum Compact Gauges. It can display and control 6 compact ActiveLine gauges at the same time. Pfeiffer compatible gauges are listed below. 80-250 VAC with USB, RS-485 and Ethernet interface. Through its pressure dependent switching functions and the user programmable sensor control it can also perform a number of functions for controlling and monitoring vacuum equipment and processes. This unit is suited for total pressure measurement in the range of 10-11 mbar (10-8) Torr to 50 bar (3.754) Torr. This unit comes with an AC power cable but DOES NOT come with any signal cables to the Pfeiffer Gauges. This is a Pfeiffer MaxiGauge® TPG 366 ONLY (Part number: PT G28 770 replaces part number: PT G28 760). All Pfeiffer transmitters/sensors/gauges/pumps and signal cables sold seperately on this website. Compatible Pfeiffer Compact Gauges: PIRANI - TPR 250, TPR 260, TPR 261, TPR 265, TPR 280, TPR 281. PIRANI CAPACITANCE - PCR 260. COLD CATHODE - IKR 250, IKR 251, IkR 260, IKR 261, IKR 270. FULL RANGE™ CC - PKR 250, PKR 251, PKR 260, PKR 261. PROCESS ION - IMR 260, IMR 265. FULL RANGE™ BA - PBR 260. CAPACITANCE - CMR 261, 262, 263, 264, 271, 272, 273, 274, 275. ACR-261, 262, 263, 274. PIEZO - APR 250, 260, 262, 265, 266, 267.

Condition: New

Part Number: P103416

Price: $3,200.00

Currency: US Dollar (USD)

New Pfeiffer Connecting Piece for 1/2 Blank Panel with Screws for MaxiGauge® TPG 256A
Out of Stock

New Pfeiffer Connecting Piece for 1/2 Blank Panel with Screws for MaxiGauge® TPG 256A This is a New Pfeiffer Connecting Piece for 1/2 Blank Panel with Screws for MaxiGauge® TPG 256A .

Condition: New

Part Number: P109907

Price: $139.46

Currency: US Dollar (USD)

Pfeiffer Back Panel Half Rack for MaxiGauge® TPG 256A
Out of Stock

NEW Pfeiffer Back Panel Half Rack for MaxiGauge® TPG 256A PN: PT441481 This is a Pfeiffer Half Rack Back Panel for mounting a MaxiGauge® TPG 256A in a standard 19 inch Rack.

Condition: New

Part Number: P109880

Price: $107.45

Currency: US Dollar (USD)
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