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Available Now: 1   Welch 1400N ChemStar Explosion Proof Vacuum Pump, Chemical Resistant, Rotary Vane, New, PN: 1400N-90 3355


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Welch 1400N ChemStar Explosion Proof Vacuum Pump, Chemical Resistant, Rotary Vane, New, PN: 1400N-90

NEW Welch 1400N CHEMSTAR Explosion Proof Vacuum Pump for Pumping Corrosive Gases with Explosion Proof Motor.
Explosion Proof Motor 1/3 HP, 1-phase. PN: 1400N-90

The Welch 1400N ChemStar belt drive rotary vane with Explosion Proof Motor is a durable vacuum pump with a superior vapor handling capability. The ChemStar pumps are a chemical resistant series which offers an excellent ultimate pressure of 1x10^-4 Torr. The Welch 1400N pumps have a pumping speed displacement of 0.9 CFM, operates on 115 VAC., pump 580 RMP, oil capacity of 0.62 qt., and the pump includes a gas ballast. These pumps are complete with explosion proof motor 1/3 horsepower, 1-phase, includes KF-16 flange to 3/4-20 thread adapters for both intake and exhaust, weighs 58 lbs., and dimensions LxWxH, 18x9x13 in.

The Welch 1400N ChemStar belt drive rotary vane with explosion proof motor is a durable vacuum pump with a superior vapor handling capability, primarily for pumping corrosive gasses. These pumps are commonly used for vacuum furnace evacuation, backing turbomolecular pumps, backing diffusion pumps, rotary evaporation, refrigeration system evacuation, epoxy degassing, vacuum sterilization, backing mass spectrometers, freeze drying, vacuum centrifugal applications, vacuum distillation, space research, and other corrosive chemical vacuum processes.

This unique Welch 1400N CHEMSTAR vacuum pump was designed to give you the maximum possible service life when evacuating corrosive gases. However, corrosive gases can cause damage to the most rugged vacuum pump in an improperly configured or improperly operated vacuum system. Please refer to the recommendations made in the ChemStar owner's manual (can be downloaded below under AVAILABLE DOWNLOADS) for operating your CHEMSTAR vacuum pump successfully when pumping corrosive gases.

We recommend Welch DIRECTORR Gold oil for this pump and if the flow of strong acids or halogens exceeds 10% of gas flow, you must switch to a perfluoropolyethers (PFPE) such as Fomblin Y06/6, Fomblin is a registered trademark of Ausimont. In addition, if ozone is pumped and its concentration exceeds 100 ppm of the gas flow, a perfluoropolyether (PFPE) oil must be used. Perfluoropolyethers are very resistant to chemical attack by strong acids. All accessories and oils for this pump can be found on this website.

NOTE: These explosion proof pumps are designed for environments where risk of building up concentrations of explosive/flammable vapors is high. Typically not required by EH&S for processing standard laboratory solvent vapors. XPRF Motors power cords do NOT have plugs on them, because to meet XPRF system requirements, all components must be XPRF, be sparkless, and power conduits must be wired to hermetically sealed electric junction boxes by a qualified electrician. If any component in the system, vacuum oven, freeze dryer, etc is NOT XPRF then you do not have an XPRF system. It is recommended that you consult with their EH&S department and decide if XPRF is indeed appropriate, or if choosing an alternative Welch vacuum pump makes more sense. Ideal Vacuum Products cannot recommend for or against use of XPRF motored vacuum pumps. That decision must remain the responsibility of each customer.


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