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Out of Stock   Straight Inline Molecular Sieve Trap, Inlet and Outlet NW50 KF50, Body size 8 inch OD 1626.75

Sale: $1,626.75

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Straight Inline Molecular Sieve Trap, Inlet and Outlet NW50 KF50, Body size 8 inch OD

Straight Inline Molecular Sieve Trap, Inlet and Outlet NW50 KF50, Body size 8 inch OD

These straight inline molecular sieve traps perform a dual function. A Zeolite desiccant removes hydrocarbons which backstream toward the chamber when the mechanical pump oil is at itís vapor pressure. Also, the Zeolite traps water vapor and other gasses before they reach the mechanical pump and contaminate the pump oil. Depending on the process, this can reduce the oil change frequency significantly. This straight Inline molecular sieve trap utilizes the two-piece trap design for ease of maintenance and Zeolite replacement. For maximum conductance the sieve material is contained in a suspended basket fabricated from perforated 304 stainless steel. This design provides conductance to the sieve at the top of the basket as well as around the periphery. A mid-basket baffle causes the gas to enter one-half of the basket and to exit the other half.

When initializing a trap, replacing the sieve or when base pressure cannot be achieved, the sieve should be regenerated by turning on the heater for a few hours and running the mechanical pump with itís ballast valve open. The frequency and duration of sieve regeneration is dependent upon the kind and amount of gasses produced by the particular application. To replace the sieve, remove the trap end that contains the heater and remove the nut at the end of the basket. Dump the expired sieve material, replace with new, reattach the basket/end plate then perform the regeneration process outlined above. A molecular sieve charge and regeneration heater are included with every trap. The heater is held in place with a clip that allows trap mounting in any position. Standard finish is beadblasted. Replacement molecular sieve trap Zeolite Charges are available on this website.


  • Two piece clamped body design
  • Removable Zeolite media basket
  • Traps all condensable vapors
  • Stainless Steel type 304 construction, Viton O-Ring
  • Common Dimensions & Specs:
    A: 10.00"
    B: 11.30"
    C: 5.00"
    D: 8.00"
    Replacement Zeolite Charge Quantity: 4.75 lbs.
    Regeneration Heater Rating: 120V/350W
    Heater Port Outer Diameter: 2.00 inch
    Inlet & Outlet Flange Size: KF50

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