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Out of Stock   New Pfeiffer HiPace 300 Compound Turbo Drag Pump System DN100 CFF Conflat CF 6 inch inlet, 260 l/s 13253.331
Anticipated Arrival:  2 on 2021-01-15

Regular Price: $15,794.80

On Sale: $13,253.33

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New Pfeiffer HiPace 300 Compound Turbo Drag Pump System DN100 CFF Conflat CF 6 inch inlet, 260 l/s

NEW HiPace 300 Compound Turbo Drag Pump System Conflat CF 6 inch

These new Pfeiffer HiPace 300 turbo drag pump systems are excellent quality turbomolecular vacuum pump systems for ultra high vacuum applications. They have a Conflat CF 6 inch intake, DN16 (KF16) exhaust flange, G 1/8" venting connection and water cooling connection. These Pfeiffer HiPace 300 systems come with a TC400 (24VDC) integrated electronic drive unit, DCU310 Display Operating Control Unit, splinter screen, AC cord and connection cables. These turbo pump systems have a pumping speed of 260 l/sec with nitrogen. This pricing is for the HiPace 300 turbo drag pump system only, (no roughing pumps are included). The complete operating instruction manuals can be downloaded in PDF format below.

The HiPace 300 Turbo Drag Pump System with Conflat CF 6 inch Inlet Includes:
  • HiPace 300 Turbo Drag Pump with Integrated TC400, with CF Conflat 6 inch Inlet, Part No. PMP03901.
  • DCU310 Display and Operating Control Unit with connection cable, Part No. PMC01822.
  • Connection Cable 3 meters, Part No. PM061352-T.
  • 110 vac Power Cable, Part No. P4564309ZE.
  • (OPTIONAL) HiPace 300 Air Cooling Fan, Part No. PMZ01302.
  • (OPTIONAL) TVF 005 Vent Valve 12 Plug, Part No. PMZ01291.
  • (OPTIONAL) Roughing Pump, diaphragm, scroll or rotary vane.

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Availability Of Kit Components

Kit: P103392 - New Pfeiffer HiPace 300 Compound Turbo Drag Pump System DN100 CFF Conflat CF 6 inch inlet, 260 l/s
New Pfeiffer HiPace-300 Turbo Drag Pump DN100 CF-F 6 inch Conflat 260 l/s P/N PMP03901
NEW Pfeiffer DCU310 Turbo Pump Display Controller Unit & Power Supply 24VDC PM C01 822
Pfeiffer Connection Cable F/ HiPace 300, 400, 700 w/TC 400 Controller to DCU 310, 400 PN PM061352-T
NEW Air Cooling Fan Unit for Pfeiffer HiPace 300 Turbo Pumps with TC-400 PN PMZ01302
NEW Pfeiffer Splinter Shield DN 100 CF-F Conflat 6 In To Safe Gaurd Turbo Pumps PM 016 315, 0.8 mm

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