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Available Now: 4   NEW Varian Agilent XGS-600 Vacuum Gauge Controller, ONE ANALOG INPUT CARD, PN XGS600H0M0C0A1 1580


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NEW Varian Agilent XGS-600 Vacuum Gauge Controller, ONE ANALOG INPUT CARD, PN XGS600H0M0C0A1

NEW Varian Agilent XGS-600 Multi Gauge Vacuum Controller - Basic Controller, with ONE Dual Analog Input Card installed able to control two active gauges, PN XGS600H0M0C0A1.

Accepts any and up to 6 of the FOUR gauge cards:

  • (Controller Dual Analog Input Card)
  • (ConvecTorr Convection Gauges/Thermocouple Gauge Card)
  • (Hot-Filament Ion Gauges (HFIG) Card)
  • (Inverted-Magnetron (IMG) Cold-Cathode or Penning Gauge Card)

The XGS-600 Vacuum Gauge Controller provides unprecedented capacity, performance and flexibility in a cost effective, standard half-rack package. A programmable dot matrix LCD provides display flexibility, and simple screen organization and navigation makes the unit extremely easy to use. Drop down gauge selection automatically sets the emission current, sensitivity and overpressure. The screen displays up to eight gauges and pressures simultaneously, and permits the user to label each gauge. 8 set points, fully programmable RS232/RS485 serial communications and universal voltage compatibility are standard on all units. A large-font feature provides visibility from up to 20 feet.

Expansion or re-configuration in the field is easy to do with PCB Cards available on this website. Controllers without cards (can accept up to 4 cards) and may issue set point commands through computer interface only. This XGS-600 can only fit up to 5 cold cathode (IMG Gauges) or 4 Hot Ion Gauges from slots 1-4. (With restrictions, refer to Sensor Card Installation.) The XGS-600 replaces both MultiGauge and SenTorr rack mount controllers. While the XGS-600 was designed to be substantially backwards compatible, there are some design features that prevent the new product from being 100% backwards compatible. (See page A-9 in the XGS-600 Instruction Manual for compatibility limitations.) The XGS-600 is also compatible with other competitor gauges, (See Instruction Manual page 2-4 for Cross Reference)

PCB Board/Card Installation: Procedures for installing add on cards :
  • Slots are numbered left to right as viewed from the front of the XGS-600.
  • Option slots 1-4 are long high profile slots and can accomodate any card/board. HFIG Boards are long high profile cards and can only be installed in slots 1-4.
  • Option Slots 5-6 are short, low profile slots and can accomodate only convection or IMG Boards with the following restrictions. An IMG Board may not be installed in slot 5 if any other board is installed in slot 4. An IMG Board may not be installed in slot 6 if any other board is installed in slot 5.
For a full explanation of field installation of add on cards - see the .pdf's (Replacement Card Instruction Sheet and the Vacuum Measurement Brochure Page 11) by scrolling down to AVAILABLE DOWNLOADS) For Complete Specs, Users Manual and Replacement Card Instructions, see .pdf's below under (AVAILABLE DOWNLOADS)

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Agilent XGS-600 pressure gauge controller

Availability Of Kit Components

Kit: P104122 - NEW Varian Agilent XGS-600 Vacuum Gauge Controller, ONE ANALOG INPUT CARD, PN XGS600H0M0C0A1
NEW Varian Agilent XGS-600 Vacuum Gauge Controller, NO CARDS, PN XGS600H0M0C0
NEW Varian Agilent Dual Analog Input Card for the XGS-600 Multi-Gauge Controller PN R3487301
PDF Logo Agilent Varian XGS-600 Mulit Guage Controller.pdf

PDF Logo Varian Agilent XGS-600 Replacement Card Instruction Sheet.pdf

PDF Logo Varian Agilent Vacuum Measurement Brochure .pdf

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