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Available Now: 2   NEW Agilent Varian IMG-300 Inverted Magnetron High-Vacuum Gauge, 2.75 in. CFF Conflat Flange 939.28


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NEW Agilent Varian IMG-300 Inverted Magnetron High-Vacuum Gauge, 2.75 in. CFF Conflat Flange

Agilent Varian IMG-300 Inverted Magnetron High-Vacuum Gauge, 2.75 in. CFF Conflat Flange
Pressure Range: 1 × 10-3 Torr to 5 × 10-11 Torr.

This is a Agilent Varian IMG-300 UHV Inverted Magnetron High-Vacuum Gauge, 2.75 in. CFF Conflat Flange, Pressure Range: 1 × 10-3 Torr to 5 × 10-11 Torr. Maximum Bakeout Temperature: 250 °C (with cable and magnet attached), Materials Exposed to vacuum: Stainless steel, nickel, glass, nickel alloy 52.

The IMG-300 inverted magnetron gauge combines excellent ultra-high vacuum measurement capability with fast pressure response. This sensor is optimized for UHV applications such as particle accelerators, synchrotron light beam lines and energy research applications, where stable UHV pressure measurement and fast pressure response are equally critical. Inverted magnetron gauges have no x-ray limit, so the ability to read extremely low pressure is limited only by the number of gas molecules present. The magnetic design provides superior sensitivity at UHV pressures and ensures starting within 30 seconds at 1 x 10-10 Torr (millibar). With no hot filament, there is minimal outgassing from within the gauge that would degrade absolute accuracy of pressure response, and there is no electron or photon emission to disrupt an experimental process. The all-metal gauge design is radiation-resistant and bakeable to 250 °C during operation, while the locking SHV high-voltage connector ensures safety and positive electrical contact. Radiation-resistant, bakeable cables are also available. The IMG-300 is easily interfaced with Varian Agilent XGS-600 gauge controller and other controllers for integration into a variety of vacuum systems, or for use as a stand-alone pressure measurement tool.

This is the Agilent Varian IMG-300, 2.75 in. CFF Conflat Flange, gauge only, signal cable and controller sold separately on this website. For complete operating instructions scroll down to (AVAILABLE DOWNLOADS:) and download the Instruction Manual, Spec Sheet and other pertinent information Pdf's. Agilent Varian Part Number R0343301.

Can be used with the following controllers:

  • Varian Multi-Gauge Controller
  • Varian Senn Torr Gauge Controller
  • Varian XGS 600 Gauge Controller

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Agilent XGS-600 pressure gauge controller
PDF Logo Agilent Varian XGS-600 Mulit Guage Controller.pdf

PDF Logo Agilent Varian IMG-300 Cold Cathode Ion Gauges.pdf

PDF Logo Varian Agilent IMG 300 Spec Sheet.pdf

PDF Logo Varian Agilent Vacuum Measurement Brochure .pdf

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