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Ideal Vacuum AutoExplor Software Basic Version, Lifetime License, for all ExploraVAC Thermal Test Chamber Systems

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Ideal Vacuum AutoExplor Software Basic Version, Lifetime License, for all ExploraVAC Thermal Test Chamber Systems 4258.5



Ideal Vacuum AutoExplor Software Basic Version, Lifetime License, for all ExploraVAC Thermal Test Chamber Systems

Ideal Vacuum’s AutoExplor™ software brings life and function to ExploraVAC™ series thermal vacuum test chambers. It is intuitive and easy to use. In just minutes, a new operator can learn how to use its many functions and features. AutoExplor is the leading edge in the field of thermal vacuum test chamber control. The software gives the operator the power to manually set all test conditions and confirm that they were met.

This listing is for the non-expiring purchase of one AutoExplor software basic version license and is keyed to an individual ExploraVAC system. Each ExploraVAC instrument requires a separate software license. The software may be installed on any number of Windows 10 computers to remotely operate the specific instrument for which it is licensed. AutoExplor software is a stand-alone application that does not require an internet connection.

Basic Version Features:
  • Manual Device Panel
  • Running Graph
  • Preventive Maintenance Schedule Section
  • System Troubleshooting
  • Free Minor Software Updates When Available
  • Upgrade to the Full Version Any Time

AutoExplor software maintains an internal preventive maintenance schedule for the ExploraVAC hardware. It logs hours on each component and alerts the user when maintenance is due. It helps keep the instrument running at peak performance. For example, it notifies when scroll pump tip-seal replacements are needed and when pressure sensor calibration is due. It also provides detailed fault and error messages in the case of a device failure.

The basic version of AutoExplor may be upgraded to the full version at any time. Basic version AutoExplor software is included with ExploraVAC MAX systems, which have a built-in, touch screen user interface, and an on board computer. Software updates and unlock keys to the full version can be downloaded directly from this website at any time.

Full version AutoExplor software (part number P1012100) adds automated recipe control, data logging, and export. Complex test recipes can be created in a step-by-step process, where each step may control the on/off state, setpoint, and ramp rate of multiple device functions. One or multiple end conditions for each recipe step may be set using logical operators. The full AutoExplor software also allows the user to quickly generate Environmental Thermal Vacuum Test Reports from recipe data log files.

* AutoExplor software warranty per user manual (download below).


The Home Screen is the landing page of AutoExplor software. It offers manual control of all components in the ExploraVAC system and has four main sections: manual controls, setpoint controllers and readouts, running graph, and device tiles. The manual controls section allows the user to power the system and turn major ExploraVAC subsystems on and off. The setpoint controllers and readouts section, beneath the manual controls, allow setpoints, ramp rates, and soak times to be defined for controllable subsystems. These could include pressure, platen temperature, and/or chamber temperature. The Additional Readouts box shows other system data such as sample temperatures. The running graph section provides live graphical data streaming so that the user can readily visualize system and device behavior. The device tiles section is useful for monitoring individual system components. The current state (on/off) of all installed devices are displayed here, and each device has an associated data card which shows its current operating parameters.

The full version exclusive Recipe Creation section facilitates designing new recipes and updating existing recipes. Recipes are created in a step-by-step process, where each step has its own set of device setpoint, ramp rate, and stated conditions. The conditions dictate when the system moves to the next step. The left column shows all the devices and controls installed on the system. This column indicates which subsystems are used by the recipe (subsystem icons in green), and which ones are not (device icons in white). This section can be collapsed to only show the controls being used by the recipe. The main center section is a scrollable zone which shows each independent step. Below, Step 1 is selected. There is a rectangle in each control row to show which controls are active for that step. Recipe steps are fully programmable to meet any series of unique test condition requirements, including step looping and logical condition grouping (multiple conditions can be joined together with AND or OR to meet the test condition requirements).

The full version exclusive Data Logging section allows the operator to configure what test data will be captured and stored. This section is also used to open and analyze existing data log files, where the operator can view the results of previously completed test recipes. By toggling through each distinct step of the recipe, the user can see the required conditions that must be met along with each step's estimated run time. The graphic panel area displays a color coordinated curve for each active sensor, along with the actual versus targeted readout values as a function of time.

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