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Edwards iXH 610 HARSH Dry Vacuum Pump 200-230 VAC 50/60 hz 3 ph. PN AC110A121100

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Edwards iXH 610 HARSH Dry Vacuum Pump 200-230 VAC 50/60 hz 3 ph. PN AC110A121100 27416.84


Edwards iXH 610 HARSH Dry Vacuum Pump 200-230 VAC 50/60 hz 3 ph.
Edwards Part Number AC110A121100.

The Edwards iXH 610 is a new range of dry pumps built for green manufacturing and the processing of harsh chemical processes. Using very low energy the efficient roots mechanism has been developed to dramatically reduce input power to 1.3 kW, 60% lower than the previous generation of dry pumps, reducing environmental impact and lowering cost of ownership. Gas barrier technology and thermal design improvements enable four times greater corrosion resistance than iH Series product. Advanced powder handling features mean iXH will deliver maximum reliability and extended pump life for multi-layer etch processes and reduced power consumption for CVD processes especially with HARSH Chemicals.

The Edwards iXH 610 Series Pumps are compact and of light-weight design, combined with exceptionally low noise and vibration, makes iXH the most versatile chemical dry pump in the Edwards range. iXH will transform your expectations of dry vacuum pump technology, deliver real benefits and increased uptime, with minimal environmental impact. iXH pumps are designed for use in most semiconductor processes while delivering significant reductions in input power. For complete Instruction Manual see DOWNLOADS.

  • Primarily for HARSH Chemical Applications
  • Peak Pumping Speed 665 m3/h-1 (391 CFM)
  • Ultimate Pressure 3.7 X 10-3 Torr
  • No preventative maintenance required
  • 3/8 inch Quick Connect Water Fillings
  • Water & Power Connection Mating Halves
  • SS Water Cooling System
  • Multi Mode 44 slm Gas Module

  • Load Lock
  • Transfer
  • Meteorology
  • Lithography
  • Physical Vapor Deposition PVD Process
  • Physical Vapor Deposition PVD Pre-clean
  • Rapid Thermal Anneal RTA
  • Strip/Ashing
  • Etching
  • Implant Source
  • High-Density Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition HDP CVD
  • Rapid Thermal Processing RTP
  • Sub-Atmospheric Chemical Vapor Deposition SACVD
  • Tungsten Chemical Vapor Deposition WCVD
  • Modified Chemical-Vapor Deposition MCVD
  • Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition PECVD
  • Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition LPCVD


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