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Apiezon AP201 fluid oil, for Vapor Booster Diffusion Pumps, 4 liters, AP201-4L

Apiezon AP201 is the leading brand of vapor booster diffusion pump fluid and should not be confused with lower quality '201' copies. AP201 is superior to other fluids because it delivers faster pump down-times, longer service life, easier maintenance and reduced top ups. It has been widely acknowledged that AP201 is the most reliable and cost effective product on the market. In order to give the fast pump down-times required on industrial systems, diffusion pumps must achieve a high pumping speed. AP201 has been specially formulated to achieve these speeds. It also has a high critical backing pressure that allows the pump to be switched on sooner, thus minimizing pump down-time.

Condition: New

Product Number: P104259

Price: $491.93

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