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Agilent Varian 959 Mobile Helium Leak Detector Cart, with Varian DS-302 Backing Pump, Rebuilt

These Agilent Varian 959 helium leak detectors have been professionally rebuilt using high standards. They include a brand new DS-302 rotary vane pump, completely disassembled and cleaned spectrometer tube, cleaned and rebuild solenoid valves, the turbo molecular pump was rebuild by the factory at Agilent Varian, and the filament and collector assemblies have been replacement with new OEM Agilent Varian parts. The two wheel cart has been repainted using a factory similar color. These unit look and operate similar to new and are in excellent calibrated ready to use condition.

Condition: Rebuilt

Product Number: P105838

Price: $15,995.00

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Rebuilt Varian VS MD30 Mobile Cart Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector

The Rebuilt VS MD30 Mobile Cart Leak Detector, with TS620 Dry Scroll Pump combines the simplicity of two-button operation with advanced system intelligence to give you easy access to powerful testing capabilities.

Condition: Rebuilt

Product Number: P103243

Price: $23,000.00

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Rebuilt Varian 956, 956D, Porta Test II Automatic Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector, 110 VAC

The Varian 956 Porta Test II Leak Detector is a state of the art, totally automatic leak detector that is suitable for portable or fixed applications. In addition to its one button pumpdown and test sequencing, the 956 unit also has auto calibration and zeroing procedures which eliminate routine operator intervention thus ensuring correct operation. A bidirectional RS-232 interface allows data logging of the test results and remote setting of machine paramenters. The Varian 956 Porta Test II Automatic Leak Detector is based on the Contra-FlowTM vacuum system design and is fully protected from accidental air inrushes and power failures. High vacuum pump is a Varian V70 turbo and the roughing pump is a Varian DS600 scroll pump. This unit is rebuilt and ready for service with a 90 day parts and labor warranty.

Condition: Rebuilt

Product Number: P103893

Price: $12,750.00

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Varian 947 High-Production Diffusion Pumped Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector Rebuilt Refurbish

The Varian models 947 leak detectors are specifically designed for high-productivity testing. By using two primary pumps and high-conductance valve manifolds, these leak detectors deliver very fast cycle times. Using two primary pumps also allows for gross-leak testing (up to atmospheric pressure if the factory-installed gross-leak option is installed).

Condition: Rebuilt

Product Number: P103248

Price: $10,995.00

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Varian 979 Turbo Pumped Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector Rebuilt Refurbished

Model 979 Automatic Portable Leak Detector The Varian, Inc. Model 979 Portable Leak Detector combines Varianís latest-generation electronics architecture with a unique multi-flow vacuum system. The result is a very flexible but easy-to-use and compact leak detector with extra-high sensitivity and pressure tolerance for the most demanding application requirements.

Condition: Rebuilt

Product Number: P103246

Price: $18,995.00

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