Brand NEW Pfeiffer Adixen Okta 1000A High-performance Roots Pump, Oktaline Series. PN: PP W41 002
Brand NEW Pfeiffer-Adixen Okta 1000A High-performance Roots Pump, Oktaline Series.
Pumping Speed up to 756 cfm. PN: PP W41 002 (PPW41002)

Pfeiffer Adixen Vacuum is now offering a power pump solution for your low and medium vacuum pump applications in the Okta 1000-A series roots booster blower pumps. These pumps are primarily used in applications in the coating, semiconductor industry, research & development, metallurgy, chemistry or in process technologies. The Okta 1000A series is the next strongest roots pump offered in a wide selection of booster blowers by Pfeiffer Adixen OktaLine and has a 756 cfm (1284 m3/h) pumping speed with a DN 160 ISO-F inlet and 100 ISO-F outlet. It has a gear box and bearing area that is separated from the gas pumping chamber. Because the rotors operate contact free a much dryer operation is assured. Another advantage with the Pfeiffer Adixen Okta 1000A is its air cooling, other pumps of this size may require water cooling, not so with the advanced technology of the Pfeiffer Adixen OktaLine Series of booster pumps. This saves in operating costs and possible breakdowns.

We are excited to announce that the Okta pumps can be operated at any pressure between atmosphere and ultimate vacuum! Common to all OktaLine series is the integrated bypass valve feature which permits switching on the blower pump at the same time as the backing pump. The gain is additional pumping speed and shorter cycle times. This is an edge advantage to load lock applications and time critical processes.

This Okta 1000A series is a standard model, has shaft seals and is gray cast iron. It can be mated to a backing pump with as little as 25 cfm (42 m3h) pumping speed. Higher pump speeds are available in the same group of Roots blower pumps: Okta 2000A, 4000A and Okta 6000A. Here at Ideal Vacuum we have built systems with the Pfeiffer OktaLine series of booster pumps and mated them with Pfeiffer backing pumps with excellent results, such as the Pfeiffer High-performance Combi Line System. For help in purchasing your blower booster pump for your backing pump or for a complete combination blower/backing system package call us at 505-872-0037. These blowers have Pfeiffer part number PP W41 002 (PPW41002).

Product: Brand NEW Pfeiffer Adixen Okta 1000A High-performance Roots Pump, Oktaline Series. PN: PP W41 002
Condition:      New
Warranty:     Full Manufacturer's Warranty
Part Number: P105385
Price: $19,516.00