Discontinued Old-Style Agilent Varian MBA-100 Metal Bayard Alpert Ionization Gauge, Iridium Filament, KF25 flange
Old-Style Discontinued Varian MBA-100 Metal Bayard-Alpert Ionization Gauge Tubes, Iridium Filament, NW25 KF25
Pressure range: 30 millitorr to 5 10-10 torr, Sensitivity: 15 torr-1 typical, Maximum bakeout temperature: 100 C with cable disconnected.

Discontinued Old-Style Legacy MBA-100 metal hot cathode gauges. These are new stock being available while quantity lasts. The MBA-100 was a legacy hot cathode gauge being compact, all-metal high-vacuum gauge for use where measurement precision and repeatability are equally important, for example laboratory vacuum systems, mass spectrometers, electron microscopes and scientific instruments. A heated filament provides a constant source of electrons for gas ionization, creating superior accuracy and stability, and a wide measurement range from 1 x 10-2 to 1 x 10-9 Torr. Agilent's unique etched-grid technology provides excellent gauge-to-gauge repeatability, and the small internal surface yields minimal outgassing to ensure accuracy and to protect your experimental process. The MBA-100 is small and rugged to permit easy installation in a closely packed system.

The locking electrical connector ensures safe, positive contact, while the plastic housing protects people and nearby equipment from heat. A metal housing provides excellent shielding from electromagnetic interference (EMI) for superior gauge stability. The thoriacoated iridium filament resists burn out, even in the event of an accidental exposure to air. Materials: 304 Stainless Steel housing, flange & grid, thoria- iridium filament, tungsten collector. The MBA-100 is easily interfaced with Varian Agilent's XGS-600, Multi-Gauge, or Sen Torr Controllers or for use as a stand-alone pressure measurement tool, or for integration into an experimental or process system.

This is the Agilent Varian MBA-100, KF25 Flange, gauge only, signal cable and controller sold separately on this website. For complete operating instructions scroll down to (AVAILABLE DOWNLOADS:) and download the Spec Sheet and other pertinent information Pdf's. Discontinued Old-Style legacy MBA-100 hot cathode gauge with Agilent Varian Part Number R1170301. These old-style gauges require legacy cable P104128.

Can be used with the following controllers:

  • Varian Multi-Gauge Controller
  • Varian Senn Torr Gauge Controller
  • Varian XGS 600 Gauge Controller

Product: Discontinued Old-Style Agilent Varian MBA-100 Metal Bayard Alpert Ionization Gauge, Iridium Filament, KF25 flange
Condition:      New
Warranty:     Varian Warranty
Part Number: P104158
Price: $495.00