Thermo Haake ARCTIC SC150 A25 Immersion Bath Circulator, Neslab RTE7 & RTE10 Digital One Replacement
NEW Thermo Scientific Haake ARCTIC SC150 A25 Refrigerated Bath Circulator, Neslab RTE7 & RTE10 Digital One Replacement
Thermo Fisher pn: 1535258

The Thermo Fisher Scientific Neslab RTE7 and RTE10 chillers were extremely popular in the scientific and research communities but have now been discontinued and replaced by the NEW Thermo Fisher Haake Arctic SC150-A25 chiller. The Arctic SC150-A25 chiller is a good replacement option having basically the same specifications as the older Neslab RTE 7 and RTE 10 chillers. These chillers offer the SC150 heated immersion circulator controller and has the following features:
  • 500W cooling capacity at 20C 230V/115V
  • 12 liter stainless steel immersion bath
  • Temperature range of -25C to 150C
  • Maximum temperature: 150 C
  • Flow Rate is 17 liters per minute
  • Voltage Requirement: 115VAC 60Hz
  • Five programmable set point temperatures
  • Real Temperature Adjustment (RTA) for calibration
  • Two levels of pump speed adjustment to increase flow or bath agitation
  • Three languages (English, German & French)
  • Change digital display resolution between 0.1 and 0.01 and between C - F - K
  • Acoustic and visual alarm
  • Auto-Restart feature after loss of power
  • Early warning alert for fluid refill
  • Controller Head can be indexed 90 to the right or left for easy display view
  • Energy Saving Mode option available for applications running under a stable load
  • Automatic controller shut-down at detection of high temperature, low liquid or motor overload
  • Communication options: RS232, RS485, Ethernet/LAN and Analog I/O

The Thermo Scientific HAAKE ARCTIC SC150 A25 refrigerated circulator bath chiller offers powerful cooling, expansive temperature ranges, and sophisticated controller technology. These robust, compact units offer precise temperature stability and high reliability for external circulation and in-bath applications. An industrial-grade force and suction pump provides the pressure necessary to circulate fluid long distances to both open containers and closed loop systems. This gives users the flexibility to meet a wide range of application needs. This ARCTIC HAAKE SC150-A25 Immersion Bath Circulator by NESLAB provides excellent agitation in the bath for improved uniformity and stability. The controller technology ensures that the ARTIC A25 performs at its peak.

This unit is an economical investment with capabilities that meet a wide range of application needs, and is designed for years of reliable service. This Thermo Scientific NESLAB SC150 Arctic A25 chiller bath circulator has a SC150 Thermostat Model with temp range of -25C to +150C, Flow 17L/min., Stainless Steel 12 liter (3 gallon) Bath , 115V 60Hz, see ad below. This is Brand New and comes with 3 year manufacture warranty. A user's manual and specification brochure is available by downloading the PDFs below from (AVAILABLE DOWNLOADS).

Product: Thermo Haake ARCTIC SC150 A25 Immersion Bath Circulator, Neslab RTE7 & RTE10 Digital One Replacement
Condition:      New
Warranty:     Full Manufacturer's Warranty
Part Number: P103297
Price: $5,960.00