NEW Alcatel Adixen ACP15G ACP 15G Dry Vacuum Pump For Pumping Traces of Corrosive Gas PN V5GATSRFAF
NEW Alcatel Adixen ACP15G ACP 15G Series 2 Dry Vacuum Pump PN V5GATSRFAF

The vacuum pumping technology for these NEW Alcatel Adixen ACP 15G ACP15G compact dry roughing vacuum pumps is based on a frictionless multi-stage roots design. These Alcatel Adixen ACP15G dry pumps are specially designed for pumping traces of corrosive gas and therefore require an inert gas purge which protects the pump bearings. The Alcatel Adixen ACP series pumps are optimized for operation without lubricants inside the pumping module. The benefits of multi-roots dry pumps include oil-free and particulate-free dry vacuum, e.g., unlike their counterparts, the dry scroll pumps which generate tipseal dust and the oil-sealed rotary vane pumps which suffer from hydrocarbon vapor backstreaming. The new and improved ACP dry vacuum pumps offer a reduced cost of ownership (COO) and require an overhaul only every 22,000 hours.

These Alcatel Adixen ACP pumps include a single-phase integrated frequency converter with built-in instant voltage range selection. This allows these pumps to be smart and operate on any input voltage from 90 to 254 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz (with no motor setting changes required) while the rotational speed and pumping speed of the pump remains constant. This is a big selling point for OEM applications, if your tool or instrument is mobile the ACP pump can be used in any country or location that has 90 to 254 VAC 50 or 60 Hz wall plug .

The specifications for the new Alcatel Adixen ACP 15G ACP15G dry vacuum pump is 8.2 cfm (15 m3/hr) pumping speed, 37.5 mTorr ultimate pressure, can operate on input voltages from 90 to 254 VAC 50-60 Hz, air cooled, includes integrated digital timer, and have a KF25 inlet & KF16 exhaust. The repair kits and optional accessories for these ACP series dry vacuum pumps are sold on our website. For complete technical specifications, pumping curves, and dimensions please see our available downloads in PDF below.

Product: NEW Alcatel Adixen ACP15G ACP 15G Dry Vacuum Pump For Pumping Traces of Corrosive Gas PN V5GATSRFAF
Condition:      New
Warranty:     Alcatel Warranty
Part Number: P102998
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