Ideal Vacuum XactGauge Dual Capacitance Manometer Controller Power Cable
Ideal Vacuum XactGauge Dual Capacitance Manometer Controller Power Cable

Includes: Power Cable Only

The Dual Capacitance Manometer Gauge Reader and Controller from Ideal Vacuum Products is a simple, intuitive, and low cost way to interface with Capacitance Diaphram Gauges (CDG). The Reader and Controller can interface with two gauges (the Dual in Dual Capacitance Manometer) being able to supply the necessary dual polarity, ±15 VDC, with a current of 1 Amp, required for many CDGs. Each channel has a programmable setpoint that controls a relay when the setpoint is reached. This automates many tasks such as turning on a turbomecular pump when the roughing pump has reduced the pressure to an appropriate range or actuating a valve.

The Reader and Controller can read a variety of CDG ranges including: 20 mTorr, 50 mTorr, 0.1 Torr, 1 Torr, 2 Torr, 10 Torr, 100 Torr, 1,000 Torr, 5,000 Torr, and 10,000 Torr capacitance gauges. The Reader and controller allows the user to choose from their preferred pressure units. These settings can be set through the easy to use local interface which features a brilliant LCD screen for easy reading.

The Reader and Controller can also be used remotely through an RS-232 or USB connection. This allows for ease of data collection and integration into a vacuum system. The user can communicate to the Reader and Controller through serial commands or through Ideal Vacuum Products’ desktop application which requires a Windows Operating System. Sample application code is available to simplify the integration process for the user.

    The Dual Capacitance Manometer is compatible with the Baratron™ Absolute Capacitance Manometer from MKS including:

  • MKS 626B 0.1 Torr - P103249
  • MKS 626B 1 Torr - P103250
  • MKS 626B 10 Torr - P103251
  • MKS 626B 100 Torr - P104361
  • MKS 626B 1000 Torr - P104362
  • MKS 626C 10 Torr - P108076
  • MKS 626C 1000 Torr - P109768
  • MKS 626C 100 Torr - P109769

This Controller is compatible with other manufacturer’s Pirani type gauges and cables, including the Granville-Phillips® 275 Convectron® and the Infocon PGE050 Pirani Gauge Enhanced.

Thermal conductivity gauges measure pressure indirectly by sensing the loss of heat from a sensor to the surrounding gas. The higher the pressure of the gas, the more heat is conducted away from the sensor. Pirani thermal conductivity gauges maintain a sensor (usually a wire) at a constant temperature and measure the current or power required to maintain that temperature. A standard Pirani gauge has a useful measuring range of about 10-4 Torr to 10 Torr. Convection-enhanced Pirani gauges take advantage of the convection current inside the sensor to extend the pressure measurement range to just above atmosphere.

The XactGauge is supplied factory calibrated using Nitrogen (N2) gas. When measuring gasses other than Nitrogen/Air, accurate correction must be made for the difference in thermal conductivity between nitrogen and the gas in use, particularly at pressures above 1 Torr. DO NOT USE for explosive, corrosive or toxic gasses.
Product: Ideal Vacuum XactGauge Dual Capacitance Manometer Controller Power Cable
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