Agilent Varian HS-32 Diffusion Pump HALO Baffle Cold Cap, Inlet ISO 800F, 480VAC
Agilent Varian HS-32 Diffusion Pump With HALO Baffle Cold Cap Inlet flange ISO 800F, Foreline flange ISO 200K, 3 Phase, 480 VAC.
Maximum Pumping Speed of 17,300 l/s Air, Agilent Varian Part Number L5923319

These Varian Agilent High Throughput models include the series HS-16, HS-20, HS-32 and NHS-35. This is the HS-32 diffusion high throughput vacuum pump. They are the primary industrial standard for high vacuum pumping mechanism. The Agilent Varian HS-32 diffusion pumps have a high pumping speed for all gases and low cost per unit pumping speed when compared with other types of pump used in the same vacuum range. The full fractionating design allows vaporized fluid to be fractionated in the boiler and jet assembly. Contamination and decomposition products are pumped away and only the purest vapor reaches the top jet, assuring highest speed and lowest backstreaming. The vacuum fluid heater is mounted at the bottom of the pump body. The HS pumps have a fill and drain assembly for easy maintenance of pump fluid and continuous monitoring with thermal protection switches. Finned boilers increase the surface area which prolongs fluid life. The inlet is at the top, and the exhaust is through the foreline. The Halo Baffle stops backstreaming as effectively as an optically dense baffle, yet it retains 60% of the pumps speed.

Diffusion pumps use a high-speed jet of vapor to direct gas molecules in the pump throat down into the bottom of the pump and out the exhaust. The oil diffusion pump is operated with an oil that has low vapor pressure. Its purpose is to achieve higher vacuum (lower pressure) than possible by use of positive displacement pumps alone. Although its use has been mainly associated within the high vacuum range (down to 10-9 Torr), diffusion pumps today can produce pressures approaching 10-10 Torr when properly used with modern fluids and accessories. The features that make the diffusion pump attractive for high and ultra-high vacuum use are its high pumping speed for all gases and low cost per unit pumping speed when compared with other types of pump used in the same vacuum range. Diffusion pumps cannot discharge directly into the atmosphere, so a mechanical forepump is typically used to maintain an outlet pressure around 1 mTorr.

These Varian model HS-32 high vacuum, high throughput diffusion pumps are new and can be ordered with either a 3-phase 240, 415 or 480 VAC heaters. When ordering please specify which voltage your application will require. We stock and sell diffusion pumps oils, along with vacuum fittings, adapters, and replacement parts for your Agilent Varian HS-32 diffusion pumps. This pump uses IVP 704 diffusion pump fluid and is designed for high vacuum and fast pumping of large volumes of gas or vapor in production operations. For HS-32 Instruction Manual scroll down to manuals tab AVAILABLE DOWNLOADS: and download the .pdf.

Highlights For This Agilent Varian HS-32 Diffusion Pump
  • ISO 800F Inlet Flange, OD 36.22 in., ID 32.06 in., (24 bolt holes) hole size 0.55 in.
  • ISO 200K Outlet Flange OD 9.45 in., ID 6.73 in., (8-12 claw clamps)
  • HALO Baffle Cold Cap
  • Maximum Pumping Speed 17,300 l/s air, 21,625 l/s He and H2
  • 480 VAC @ 4000 Watt Heater (6 required)
  • Weight 1500 lbs. (680Kg) Height 69 in. (1740mm)
  • Designed To Be Used With IVP 704 Diffusion Pump Oil (3 U.S. Gallons)

Included with ISO Pumps:
One Inlet Flange O-ringL9165001
One Foreline Flange O-ringIC200SV
Twelve 1/2" Hose 3/8 Pipe Barbed Connectors624301111
Two Water Coupling For Cold Cap622445026
Installation and Operation Manual699901140

1 Standard Cold Cap Assembly 77252801
Water-cooled Halo Baffle K1856332
Cold Cap Connectors & Gaskets
Gasket/Grommet (Kit of 4)L8839301
Nut & Follower (Brass)L8840301
Brass Female Coupling622445026
3 Jet Assembly 76511301
4 1 Buna O-ring for ASA inlet flange 78536002
5 Foreline Baffle Assembly
6 Centering ring for ISO foreline flange, 200K IC200SV
7 Sight Glass Service Kit for Pumps Built Before Oct. 1995:
3 Glass TubesF1755008
2 Brass Union 1/4 OD x 1/4 MPT622568108
2 Brass Elbow 69FL 6x4, 169VL6-4623451012
8 O-ring, Viton, Parker No. 2-011660892011
8 O-ring, Viton, Parker No. 2-111660892111
3 O-ring, Viton, Parker No. 2-221660892221
3 O-ring, Viton, Parker No. 2-213660892213
7 Sight Glass Service Kit for Pumps Built After 1995 L9223001
8 Threaded Plugs, fill and drain 77261001
Hose Barb 1/2in Hose to 3/8in Pipe 624301111
9 Upper (water) Thermal Switch (Set at 220F/104C) K9050003
9 Lower (boiler) Thermal Switch (Set at 550F/288C) K9050004
10 Thermal Switch Brass Block F6253001
11 Heater wire, 10 AWG, 196 inches (2 per heater required) X3900-68003
11b Heater Wiring Connection Box
12 Heaters (six heaters required per pump, same voltage)
240V/415V/480V, 4000 watt Heater Element w/ leads647332010
200V, 4000 watt Heater Element647332020
Heater Retrofit for pumps built bef. May 1990
240V/451V/480V, 4000W Heater no leads (1 consists of 2-120V heater)647332075
Heater Kits (clamping plates not included)
240V Heater Retrofit Kit HS-32 PumpL6517308
415V Retrofit Kit HS-32 PumpL6517326
480V Retrofit Kit HS-32 PumpL6517309
13 Heater Crush Plate (Six required per pump) K7246001
14 Heater Clampling Plate (Six required per pump) K7247001
15 Heater Insulator (One required per pump) 75792001
16 Cover Plate 75791001
Heat Shield (Reusable) L6370001
O-Ring Kit for ASA Pumps includes:
1 Butyl O-ring for ASA inlet flange45390001
1 Butly O-ring foreline flange (2-2443)660893267
8 Viton O-rings fill and drain (2-213)660892213
4 Viton O-rings fill and drain (2-221)660892221
1 Sight glass O-ring (2-240)660892240
1 Graphite sight glass gasketL9228001
DC-702 diffusion pump fluid, one-gallon 695472008
DC-704 diffusion pump fluid, one-gallon 695474008
DC-705 diffusion pump fluid, one-gallon 695475008
Installation and Operation Manual-download from 699901140
Product: Agilent Varian HS-32 Diffusion Pump HALO Baffle Cold Cap, Inlet ISO 800F, 480VAC
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