Leybold TURBOLAB 80 Benchtop Vacuum Pumping System CF 4.5 Inlet Flange. PN: 501592V03000000
NEW Oerlikon Leybold TURBOLAB 80 Vacuum Pumping System DN 63CF (63 CF, Conflat CF 4.5, NW 63CF) Inlet Flange.
Bench Top Model PN: 501592V03000000

The NEW Oerlikon Leybold TURBOLAB 80 vacuum pumping system comes with an CF 4.5 inch Inlet Flange and is a Full-Featured system at a basic system cost. The TURBOLAB 80 includes an SL80H turbo pump, a dual-stage oil-free DIVAC 0.8 T diaphragm pump and the TURBO DRIVE TD 400 frequency converter. The TURBOVACs are turbomolecular pumps with lifetime lubricated ceramic ball bearings. A built-in thermal switch switches off the TURBOVAC if the permissible temperature is exceeded. The frequency converter is integrated into the TURBOVAC and is supplied with 24 VDC and controlled via RS 485 interface by the TURBOLAB. They also are designed to mount further components such as Leybold vacuum gauges: TTR 101, TTR 91, PTR 91, TTR 101N, TTR 91N, PTR 91N. Two vacuum gauges can be operated simultaneously. They operate on 1-Phase, 100 or 240V power (correct voltage must be set on the unit).

The overall pumping speed of the Oerlikon Leybold TURBOLAB 80 Vacuum Pumping system for nitrogen is 65 liters/sec and they reach an ultimate pressure rating of 1x10-7 Torr (1x10-7 mBar). These high vacuum turbomolecular pump systems are fully assembled, ready-to-operate and are designed as bench top units. The integrated SL80H turbo pump has a built-in frequency converter, includes air cooling, grease lubricated ceramic ball bearings, a high vacuum CF Conflat 4.5 in. intake connection and includes a splinter guard. These TURBOLAB 80 systems have Oerlikon Leybold part number: 501592V03000000.

They have appealing features such as being absolutely oil-free, having a low ultimate pressure (free of hydrocarbons), compact units with simple operation and a high reliability level, maintenance free design, air cooling and installation of standard components in the encasement. Typical applications for the Oerlikon Leybold TURBOLAB 80 Vacuum Pumping System include, but are not limited to: Spectroscopy, Tube manufacturing, Laboratory pumping systems, Beam Guidance systems, Micro Balances, Surface Physics and Sputtering or Evaporating Systems. The system MUST NOT be used for pumping flammable or combustible gases and vapors, radioactive and toxic gases and vapors, pyrophrous substances and oxygen applications that exceeds the concentration in the atmosphere (.21%). Please refer to the Instruction Manual .pdf below for more information.

  • Turbomolecular TurboVac SL 80 Pump
  • Divac 0.8T Diaphragm Roughing Pump
  • Lifetime lubricated ceramic ball bearings
  • Bench top with rubber feet
  • Pumping speed for N2: 65 ls
  • High vacuum connection: Conflat CF 4.5, 63CF
  • Integrated splinter guard
  • Frequency converter TD400
  • Air cooling fan
  • Pressure gauge, remote control & ethernet connections
  • All required connections and sealing components are located within the pump system assembly. The TURBOLAB 80 is designed for other components such as:
    vacuum gauges, vent and purge valves

Product: Leybold TURBOLAB 80 Benchtop Vacuum Pumping System CF 4.5 Inlet Flange. PN: 501592V03000000
Condition:      New
Warranty:     Leybold Warranty
Part Number: P105198
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