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Pfeiffer Vacuum PRECISION TAPE 0.20x25 L5000, Angle Vacuum Valves, Pfeiffer Vacuum Valves,  PN  111132


Pfeiffer Vacuum PRECISION TAPE 0.20x25 L5000, Angle Vacuum Valves, Pfeiffer Vacuum Valves,  PN  111132

These Pfeiffer Vacuum PRECISION TAPE 0.20x25 L5000  have part number 111132, are new, and come with full Pfeiffer Vacuum warranty.

Pfeiffer Vacuum has an extensive line of vacuum valves engineered for reliability, performance, and value. These valves are also engineered to optimize conductance, to operate in a wide variety of applications, and to operate with a minimum of moving parts. This reduces wear and particle generation which contributes to their performance and reliability. Pfeiffer Vacuum valves are manufactured using the highest quality vacuum materials and provide a choice of actuation, and a variety of mounting flanges. All Pfeiffer Vacuum valves are leak checked with a mass spectrometer leak detector and tested prior to shipment to ensure proper operation.

Pfeiffer Vacuum valves are used in a wide range of solutions, from industrial applications to research and development systems. In order to meet these requirements as fully as possible, the vacuum valves are divided according to size, type of flange and drive, and according to the pressure range used. Therefore, there are manually operated vacuum valves with ISO-KF flanges or CF flanges as well as electro pneumatically operated vacuum valves that are also offered with ISO-K flanges. In contrast, the electromagnetically operated vacuum valves are only constructed with ISO-KF flanges due to their operating principle. There are special vacuum valves in all-metal designs for use in the UHV area and vacuum valves, so-called gas metering valves, for controlling pressure as well as for the measured gas supply in vacuum systems. Depending on demand, many of these vacuum valves are available in aluminum and stainless steel.Pfeiffer Vacuum PRECISION TAPE 0.20x25 L5000  can be found by downloading the pdf catalog and documents below. Simply open the pdf catalog below, run the pdf search (ctrl F) and search for the Pfeiffer Vacuum part number 111132.