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Ideal Vacuum Cartridge Heater Rated for High Vacuum, 0.246 in. Diameter, 6.5 in. Overall Length, 240 V, 263 W

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Ideal Vacuum Cartridge Heater Rated for High Vacuum, 0.246 in. Diameter, 6.5 in. Overall Length, 240 V, 263 W 1136
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Ideal Vacuum Cartridge Heater Rated for High Vacuum, 0.246 in. Diameter, 6.5 in. Overall Length, 240 V, 263 W.

Introducing our High Vacuum Cartridge Heaters, meticulously crafted to excel in the most demanding of environments. Engineered with precision and care, these heaters are designed to meet the rigorous demands of high vacuum conditions. With careful selection of materials and specialized design considerations for a fully ceramic sealed heater, they offer unparalleled performance tailored specifically for vacuum applications. Experience the reliability and versatility of our heaters, providing the perfect solution for your unique requirements in high vacuum environments.

Precise Construction:
Diameter: 0.246” +/- 0.002
Length Tolerance: +/- 3/32”
Camber Tolerance: 0.010” for lengths up to 12”, and 0.020” for longer heaters. (Note: Slight flex ensures easy fitting into straight reamed holes.)
Full hermetic ceramic seal on cartridge heater for minimal outgassing, vacuum durability, and reliability.

Materials Excellence:
Components: Incoloy sheath, ceramic beads, fiberglass sleeving, silver solder, nickel pins, silicone rubber.
Wire Connections: Crimped wire connections to heater pins, ensuring robustness.

Versatile Usage:
Rated for a maximum voltage of 240 volts; can also operate at 120 volts (producing 1/4 the wattage).
Suitable for vacuum heating platens, fingers, thermal plates, etc. up to 400°C. (Note: Actual cartridge heater performance exceeds this temperature)

Operation and Maintenance:
Recommended initial ramping: No faster than 3°C/min to the highest desired temperature in rough vacuum for break-in.
Initial burn-in may result in outgassing; subsequent high vacuum baking recommended.
Compatible with vacuum baselines as low as 2e-7torr.

Additional Recommendations:
Optimal hole tolerance: 0.249” to 0.254” or consider clamping style fitment for looser tolerancing.
Minimum bend radius off of heater lead wires: R0.625”.

Variants Available:
P1013166: 0.250" D X 15.500" L, 665 watts, 240 volts.
P1013167: 0.250" D X 19.500" L, 834 watts, 240 volts.
P1013168: 0.250" D X 23.500" L, 1000 watts, 240 volts.
Upgrade your heating solutions with our High Vacuum Cartridge Heaters, engineered to exceed expectations in reliability, performance, and versatility.

Pair with our Heavy-Duty 20A 2400W Single Zone PID Plug-and-Play Heater Control System for seamless operation (P107361).
Enhance your setup with our selection of multi-pin connectors for clean power feedthrough applications.
For reliable thermocouple feedthroughs, consider our ceramic connector variant for vacuum side applications.

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