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Thermo Scientific Polar Series Accel 500 LC, 115V, 500W Cooling/Heating Recirculating Chiller

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  Full Manufacturer's Warranty

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Sale: $5,959.20

Thermo Scientific Polar Series Accel 500 LC, 115V, 500W Cooling/Heating Recirculating Chiller 5959.2
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Thermo Scientific Polar Series Accel 500 LC Cooling/Heating Recirculating Chiller, 115VAC, 500 Watt
Thermo Scientific PN: 223422800

The Thermo Scientific Polar Series of Cooling/Heating Recirculating Chillers are ideal for closed and open-looped applications up to 500 watts. Each chiller is designed to be easy to use and offers full range cooling for quick ramp-up and cool-down of your application. These chillers are designed to provide dynamic temperature control with flexibility for demanding applications, while having minimal energy requirements. They are compact and efficient, performing to specifications in a minimal footprint and with little disruption to quiet labs at less than a 58 dBA rating.

The Polar Series chillers are built using proven refrigeration components and manufacturing methods to make them robust, reliable and dependable for years of operation. The Accel 500 LC in the Polar Series offers the following features to users:

  • Cooling Capacity - 500W (1706 BTU) at 20°C 115V
  • Heating Capacity - 1.2kW (4097 BTU) at 20°C 115V
  • Voltage requirement: 115V/60Hz
  • Working Temperature Range: -10°C to +80°C
  • 2.8 liter (0.74 gallon) Reservoir Volume
  • Force/Suction Pump Maximum Flow – 21 lpm (5.5gpm)
  • Force/Suction Pump Maximum Pressure – 11.7 psi (805 mbar)
  • Intuitive HMI Interface with digital control and readout for easy navigation
  • Small Internal Reservoir and cooling capacities that allow for faster temperature ramp times
  • Draining and Refill can be done from the front panel and the system control allows for easy operation
  • Air Cooled Refrigeration system allows you to place multiple units right next to each other
  • USB port for Serial Communication
  • CE/RoHS Compliant
  • Warranty: 2 Years

The Thermo Scientific Polar Series Accel 500 LC recirculating chiller offers powerful cooling, expansive temperature ranges, and sophisticated controller technology. These robust, compact units offer precise temperature stability and high reliability for external circulation applications. A force and suction pump provides the pressure necessary to circulate fluid long distances to both open containers and closed loop systems. This gives users the flexibility to meet a wide range of application needs.

Thermo Scientific Neslab Products tested by manufacturer and found compliant with the requirements defined in the EMC standards defined by 89/336/EEC as well as Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 73/23/EEC can be identified by the CE Mark on the rear of the unit. The testing has demonstrated compliance with the following directives: LVD, 73/23/EEC IEC/EN 61010-1; EMC, 89/336/EEC IEC/EN 61326-1. AIR COOLED 115V/60Hz – 500 Watts @ 20C, Force Pump flow of 5.5 GPM and maximum pressure of 11.7 psi. Thermo Scientific Accel 500 LC cooling and heating recirculating chiller, force pump with USB & low level switch PN: 223422800. Download the .pdf users manual below at AVAILABLE DOWNLOADS.


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