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Edwards TIC Instrument Controller 3 Gauge Sensor Heads, RS232/RS485.

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Sale: $2,077.55

Edwards TIC Instrument Controller 3 Gauge Sensor Heads, RS232/RS485. 2077.55
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Edwards TIC Instrument Controller, 3 sensor head, RS232 / RS485 Interface
Edwards Part Number D39722000

The TIC Instrument Pressure Controller provides compact control with a large, clear graphical display, an intuitive user interface and serial communications. The supplied Windows based PC program provides full remote setup, control and data logging functions via the RS232 interface. This is the three sensor head version and can accommodate 3 active pressure gauges. This TIC automatically recognizes and controls active gauges including APG100 Pirani, AGPX convection, ASG Strain, ATC thermocouple, AIM-X inverted magnetron, WRG wide range and AIGX active ion gauges. To enable complete integration into PC and PLC controlled processes, and includes RS232 and RS485 interface.

In most instances, TIC systems may be simply and quickly configured using the range of standard cables offered. There is no need for the customer to prepare relay boxes, DC Power Supplies and Volt Meters to read and figure out pressures via pressure conversion charts. The TIC is an all in one pressure status controller reading Torr, pascal or mbar. THe TIC controller includes lookup tables for a range of commonly encountered process gasses (N2, He, Ar, CO2, Kr & Ne). Selecting the appropriate gas on the TIC enables direct readout of the correct pressure without the need to apply different gas conversion factors. NOTE: This is NOT the TIC Turbo and Instrument Controller model sold on this website P/Ns P106128, P105874, P106074, P106075, which controls Edwards turbo pumps and also reads pressure measurement. This TIC only reads vacuum pressure from the Edwards Active Pressure Gauges. For complete specs and function of this 3 sensor head TIC Instrument Pressure Controller scroll down to the .pdf Instruction Manual below at AVAILABLE DOWNLOADS:

Features Include:
  • Pressure Range From 1500 to 10-10 Torr
  • Reads 3 or 6 sensor gauges depending on model
  • Recognizes and controls Edwards Active AGP, APGX, ATC, ASG, AIM, AIGX-S, WRG Gauges
  • Measures direct readout (N2, He, Ar, CO2, Kr & Ne) process gases
  • RS232 / RS485 Interface
  • 6 Pressure related set points
  • CSA, C/US approved
  • 115-240 VAC


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