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Adixen Pfeiffer MDP-5011 Turbo Drag High Vacuum Pump with Fan, 7.5 l/s pumping speed PN 795602

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On Sale: $5,388.96

Adixen Pfeiffer MDP-5011 Turbo Drag High Vacuum Pump with Fan, 7.5 l/s pumping speed PN 795602 5388.96
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Adixen Pfeiffer MDP 5011 Turbo Drag High Vacuum Pump, 7.5 l/s pumping speed, PN 795602

The Adixen, Pfeiffer, MDP 5011 Turbo drag high vacuum pumps has a pumping speed of 7.5 liters per second (l/s). The MDP 5011 turbo drag pump inlet is LF NW ISO 63 with a ISO KF-16 exhaust foreline flange. The MDP 5011 turbo drag pump can be used for all general-purpose high vacuum applications. Cooling fan is set to 1 phase 115VAC, Turbo without fan can run on 115VAC or 220VAC with Controller.

The MDP 5011 offers high pumping performances between 10 mbar and 10-5 mbar and a maximum flowrate fo 400 sccm. With a simple construction but robust rotor and low rotational speed (27,000 rpm), the MDP 2011 is robust against accidental air in-rush, shock venting and gyroscopic effects. Including built in ceramic ball bearings. At the pump exhaust, the gases are evacuated to the atmosphere by a roughing pump. Since the MDP compression rate is set by the design, the MDP limit pressure is given by that of the roughing pump used. The MDP is easily field maintainable.

The MDP 5011 offers an ideal pumping solution. It is lightweight and compact making it an ideal dry pump for numerous applications:
  • Fast evacuation of small volumes
  • Interseal pumping
  • Regeneration of cryopumps
  • Backing pump for turbomolecular pumps
  • Leak detection
  • High quality freeze drying
  • Spectrometry
  • Production of electronic tubes

This is a Brand New Pump with fan and comes with Manufacture Full Warranty. Cables and Act 100 Controller Card sold separately. For a complete operation manual see the .pdf to the left.


Kit Components

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Kit: P104333 - Adixen Pfeiffer MDP-5011 Turbo Drag High Vacuum Pump with Fan, 7.5 l/s pumping speed PN 795602
Adixen Pfeiffer MDP-5011 Turbo Drag High Vacuum Pump NO Fan, ISO63, 7.5 l/s pumping speed PN 795600
Pfeiffer Adixen Cooling Fan Unit For MDP-5011 Turbo Drag High Vacuum Pump 12 Volts. PN 118809
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