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Available Now: 1   Yamato ADP-300C Vacuum Drying Oven, 1 Cubic Foot (27 liter), Max Temp 240 C, Down to 0.75 Torr 115 VAC 3630


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Yamato ADP-300C Vacuum Drying Oven, 1 Cubic Foot (27 liter), Max Temp 240 C, Down to 0.75 Torr 115 VAC

Yamato ADP-300C Vacuum Drying Oven, 1 Cubic Foot (27 liter) Internal Capacity, Max Temp of 240 C, Max Pressure of 0.75 Torr

The Yamato ADP-31 legacy vacuum ovens were very popular in the vacuum community but are now being replaced with the NEW Yamato ADP 300C. The ADP-300C is now the direct replacement for the older ADP-31 vacuum ovens. We would like to give a few brief comparisons between the New Yamato ADP-300C and the now discontinued Legacy ADP-31 models.

The new ADP300C offers the following differences from the ADP-31:
  • CE Mark for Sale in European countries
  • Operating Temperature Range of +20 C to 240 C, instead of +5 C to 240 C
  • Programmable Features with the new VS4 controller
  • Digital Readout on Control Panel
  • Larger Vacuum and Purge ports, 18mm
The Yamato ADP-300C operates in the temperature range from room temperature plus +20 C to 240 C (up to 465 F) and in the vacuum range from atmosphere to 0.75 Torr. The interior vacuum vessel is made of 304 stainless steel and contains aluminum removable shelving. The vacuum door has a large observation window made of 12mm thick tempered glass with a vacuum seal made of silicon. These vacuum ovens have good temperature stability and an accuracy of +/- 1.5 degrees C at 150 C and can reach its maximum operating temperature within 70 minutes. The vacuum and vent valves are located on top of the oven and have a 18 mm hose barb for vacuum hose connections. The Yamato ADP-300C has a small footprint (20.75x19.65x25.16 inch) and requires 115 VAC at 50/60 Hz and 10 Amps. Offered separately on our website is the Yamato ADP-310C, which has all the same specifications as the ADP-300C but requires 220 VAC 50/60 Hz and 5.5 Amps to operate. The complete specifications and operator instruction manual in PDF format can be downloaded below (see available downloads).

Need the ultimate in quiet operating vacuum pump equipment? Check out our Varian frequency controlled oil-sealed rotary vane and dry scroll vacuum pumps. When the oven reaches vacuum the pumps slow down and operates extremely quiet. This save electrical power (observed as low as 180 Watts where a normal fixed frequency pump uses 800 Watts) and allows the laboratory to be library quite for study and research. Added benefits are, frequency controlled pumps run cooler and contribute less heat into the laboratory and require less service because slower rotational speeds do not produce as much mechanical wear on the pump parts. We offer the Varian TriScroll 300 and 600 Inverter dry scroll and Varian HS452 and HS652 oil sealed rotary vane pumps which are sold on this website.

Vacuum Oven Applications:

  • Moisture Determination
  • Out Gassing Solids
  • Aging Tests
  • Plating
  • Chemical Resistance Studies
  • Drying of Paper
  • Rubber and Textiles
  • Desiccating
  • Dry Sterilization
  • Out Gassing Liquids
  • Vacuum Storage
  • Electronic Process Control

Some Examples:

  • Moisture Determination - Typical pharmaceutical production application to determining the solids and moisture content of a sample by weight before drying a vacuum oven
  • Vacuum Drying - Food process engineering and dairy technology, drying procedures for skimmed milk, full cream milk and whey powder
  • Vacuum Oven Degassing Degassing while casting electronic components, degassing of epoxy resin before it hardens, and dehydration of titanium powder
  • Development of modern polymer materials - Development of polymer membranes: drying, conditioning, degassing and polymerization in a vacuum

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PDF Logo Yamato Vacuum Oven ADP200C, ADP210C, ADP300C Instruction Manual.pdf

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