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Available Now:  20   Teledyne-Hastings DV-6M 1/8" NPT, Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge Tube, 0.001 to 1 Torr Range 116
Expecting:   35
Anticipated Arrival:  35 on 2021-08-28

Sale: $116.00



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Teledyne-Hastings DV-6M 1/8" NPT, Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge Tube, 0.001 to 1 Torr Range

Teledyne-Hastings DV-6M 1/8" Male NPT, Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge Tube, 0.001 to 1 Torr Range

This Teledyne-Hastings DV-6M 1/8" NPT thermocouple (TC) vacuum gauge tube measures pressure between 0.001 and 1 Torr (1 to 1000 mTorr) and calibrated for clean, dry air or nitrogen. DV-6 series gauge tubes are used with TC gauge controllers such as the Ideal Vacuum digital XG-120 and Teledyne-Hastings VT and DCVT units (not included).

These inexpensive sensors are used as ‘rough’ indicators to monitor mechanical pump vacuum levels and to signal when crossover (to high-vacuum) pressure has been reached. Teledyne-Hasting DV-6 tubes are matched and gauge controller recalibration is not required when gauge tubes are replaced.

Teledyne-Hastings DV-6 gauge tubes use a rugged, but sensitive noble metal thermocouple and corrosion resistant stainless steel and nickel plated components. They are temperature and temperature change-rate compensated, making them well suited for ambient installations. Standard DV-6 gauge tubes are rated for a maximum temperature of 100° C. Ruggedized gauge tubes are rated for 150° C.

Thermocouple sensors (thermal conductivity gauges) rely on the fact that the ability of a gas to conduct heat decreases with pressure. In this type of gauge, a wire filament is heated by running current through it. A thermocouple or Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) can then be used to measure the temperature of the filament. This temperature is dependent on the rate at which the filament loses heat to the surrounding gas, and therefore on the thermal conductivity.

The Teledyne Hastings Instruments DV-6 thermocouple gauges have a reputation built upon exceptional stability, accuracy, and reliability under the most demanding conditions. DV-6 thermocouple gauge tube sensors are used in a wide variety of applications such as glove boxes, cryogenics, vacuum furnaces, pharmaceutical production, freeze drying, agricultural processes, air conditioning, thermal food containers, plasma coating, refrigeration (HVAC), accelerators, appliance manufacturing and many others.

DV-6 series gauge tubes are available with several vacuum port configurations:

  • DV-6M, Standard Tube with 1/8 inch Male NPT
  • DV-6R, Ruggedized Tube with 1/8 inch NPT
  • DV-6M-KF-16, Standard Tube with ISO KF-16
  • DV-6M-KF-25, Standard Tube with ISO KF-25
  • DV-6M-4-VCR, Standard Tube with Female ¼ inch VCR
  • DV-6R-CF, Ruggedized Tube with 1-1/3 inch Mini Conflat

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