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Out of Stock   Swagelok SS-811-PC Tube Fitting, 1/2 in Port Connector, Stainless Steel, Gaugeable, 1 ea 19.2
RoHS Compliance Sticker


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Swagelok SS-811-PC Tube Fitting, 1/2 in Port Connector, Stainless Steel, Gaugeable, 1 ea

Swagelok Tube Fitting, 1/2 in Port Connector, Stainless Steel, Gaugeable, 1 ea
Swagelok PN: SS-811-PC

This Swagelok port connector is used to connect two, 1/2 in. male threaded fittings and is made of 316 stainless steel.

Port connectors are used when two male fittings of the same size need to be connected. A nut slips onto the port connector, facing outward. On the non-ferrule end, a nut (facing outward) and ferrule set is used to connect to another male fitting. Port connectors differ from standard unions in that the nuts face outward, rather than inward and they connect male threaded connectors rather than tubing. Port connectors are used when the same size connector is on either side of the joint. Reducing port connectors are used when 2 different size fittings (male ends) need to be joined and space limitations exist. They can also reduce the number of connections required when multiple tube sizes are in a system.

These industry standard Swagelok compression-type fittings and components are precision manufactured and offer a gas-tight, metal-on-metal seal. They are available in standard fractional tubing sizes for making up stainless steel tubing. Polished surface finishes and high purity materials virtually eliminate these fittings as a source of system contamination.

They can be used for any fluid flow application and provide leak-tight service from vacuum to positive pressure. These fittings offer consistent gaugeability upon initial installation and are easy to disconnect and retighten reliably.

The two-ferrule design of these fittings are easy to install and no torque is transmitted to the tubing during installation. The two ferrules separate sealing and tube gripping functions; each ferrule is optimized for its function. Available Swagelok gap inspection gauges assure sufficient pull-up upon initial installation.

Swagelok tube fitting ends are rated to the working pressure of tubing as listed in the Swagelok Tubing Data PDF, available here for download.

Fitting specifications are shown in the second image.

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