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SWIFT-SEAL: KF to Compression Port Adapter, KF-40 to 1.0 in., Stainless Steel

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SWIFT-SEAL: KF to Compression Port Adapter, KF-40 to 1.0 in., Stainless Steel 114.94



SWIFT-SEAL KF-40 to 1.0 in. I.D. Compression Port, Quick Coupling Adapter, KF40, NW-40, 304 Stainless Steel

This adapter converts a KF-40 flanged fitting to a 1.0 in. compression port. Compression ports are typically used to make quick connections to tubes and half nipples, commonly found on gauges, instruments, and gas supply lines.

"SWIFT-SEAL" KF adapters create a leak-proof seal when the knurled ring is tightened, allowing the uniquely shaped inner ring to both wedge and compress the O-ring circumferentially around the tube. An inner circlip can be re-located to any of the 3 indexed slots (or removed altogether), to make fast, repeatable tube insertions into the adapter; required for repeated, quick changeouts. All components can be easily dismantled for routine service. SWIFT-SEAL adapters are made of 304 Stainless Steel and anodized aluminum.

Dimension Details:
1 = KF-40
2 = 1.02 in. (25.9 mm)
3 = 0.85 in. (21.7 mm)
4 = 1.10 in. (28.1 mm)
5 = 1.35 in. (34.4 mm)


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