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Available Now: 4   Rigaku Superseal Solid Shaft Ferrofluid Rotary Motion Feedthrough CF 2.75 in. FD-CF-0375-LC 742.5
Expecting:   2
Anticipated Arrival:  2 on 2020-11-06
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Sale: $742.50

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Rigaku Superseal Solid Shaft Ferrofluid Rotary Motion Feedthrough CF 2.75 in. FD-CF-0375-LC

Rigaku Superseal Solid Shaft Ferrofluid Ferromagnetic Rotary Motion Feedthrough CF 2.75 in. to CF 2.75 in. flange,
Rigaku Part Number FD-CF-0375-LC, 605774

These Rigaku conflat CF 2.75 inch flanged vacuum rotary feedthroughs, are a ferromagnetic sealed device, which uses dynamic sealing to allow free rotation of a solid shaft. These high performance vacuum rotary motion feedthroughs have the following features:

  • Maximum Rotary Speeds Up To 5000 RPM (no-load)
  • Maximum Bearing Load Capacity Of 575 lbs
  • 3/8 (0.375) inch Diameter Shaft
  • Includes a Conflat 2.75 Inch High Vacuum Sealing Flange
  • Maximum Operating Differential Pressure 37 psig (2.5 Atmospheres)
  • Helium Leak Tested To 5x10-09 std cc/sec
  • Transmission Torque 160 1bs-in
  • Ferrofluid Base Hydrocarbon Oil
  • A300S Ferrofluid With Vapor Pressure 1x10-10 Torr
  • Maximum 80 Degrees C Operating Temperature
  • Housing and Shaft Material 17-4 PH SS
  • Fomblin/Krytox Blend Bearing Lubricant, Vapor Pressure 1x10-13 Torr
  • Feedthrough Suitable For Operating To 1x10-08 Torr
  • Rigaku Part Number FD-CF-0375-LC (605774)
The vacuum tight dynamic seal is formed by the ferromagnetic particles suspended in the magnetic fluid (A300S) which interacts directly with the magnetic field generated by the feedthrough's internal magnets. In these rotary feedthroughs, narrow rings of fluid (shown in figure below) forms a liquid barrier filling the annular spaces (or gaps) between a rotating shaft and the tips of the stationary pole magnetic piece. Since magnetic fluids can be pushed, pulled, and shaped by magnetic field they remain stationary to form a vacuum tight seal. Radially, the fluid rings are bounded by the magnetic pole piece tips. Magnetic flux density at the pole tips is very large. Hence, any axial displacement of a liquid ring away from the pole tip results in a force that resists the displacement. The isolated volumes between adjacent rings are important in the functioning of the device.

Several different arrangements of housing, bearings, magnets and fluids are used for the many types of rotary vacuum feedthroughs. Many factors must be considered when selecting a rotary feedthrough for your process. A "Magnetic Fluid Feedthrough Primer" in PDF format is provided for download below that explains the technical functions and applications of magnetic fluid rotary feedthroughs, which includes:
  • Basic sealing principles of Dynamic Sealing
  • Design of a feedthrough
  • "Superseal" A breakthrough in construction and reliability
  • Application Factors - environmental and mechanical
  • Impact of feedthrough on process
  • Impact of process on feedthrough
  • Materials feedthrough is made of
  • Application examples

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Ideal Vacuum offers 3D CAD models in Solidworks (SLDPRT), STP, & STEP formats. For those without CAD software a free trial 3D model viewer with measurement capabilities can be downloaded here:

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