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Available:  Oerlikon Leybold Sogevac SV25 Single Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump, 3-Phase 208-480 VAC, PN: 10990    3570


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Oerlikon Leybold Sogevac SV25 Single Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump, 3-Phase 208-480 VAC, PN: 10990

Oerlikon Leybold Sogevac SV25 Single Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump, 3-Phase 208-480 VAC, 60Hz
Oerlikon Leybold PN: 10990

These NEW Oerlikon Leybold Sogevac SV25 pumps are single stage oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps, 3-Phase, 208-480 VAC, 60Hz. The NEW Oerlikon Leybold Sogevac SV25 SV 25 single stage oil sealed vacuum pump is designed for continuous operation over the working pressure range from atmosphere to < 1.1 Torr (1.5 mbar). They have a pumping speed of 17 cfm and an intake/exhaust of 1/2 inch G (inside thread). They have a water vapor capacity of 0.47 qt/hr and water vapor tolerance of 30 Torr. The Leybold Sogevac SV25 SV 25, consists of the pump body oil casing and drive cooling system. This pump has built in exhaust filters, gas ballast valve, and an automatic oil return system; offers low noise, is compact, has low vibration, and is easy to operate. This new Leybold Sogevac SV25 SV 25 is also easy to perform maintenance, service and repair.

Oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps are being used in all areas of vacuum engineering. They are equally suited for both industrial production and research applications. They may be used to generate a rough and medium vacuum or as the backing pump in pump combinations with Roots pumps or high vacuum pumps. By design, rotary vane pumps run quietly and do not produce much noise.

Sogevac pumps are oil sealed rotary vane pumps. Oil injected into the pump chamber for sealing, lubrication and cooling of the pump is recycled from the pumpís oil reservoir and filtered before it is injected. The lubricant system is rated for continuous operation at high intake pressures so that the pumps may be used in a versatile manner in most rough vacuum applications (accessories are required for some pumps).

These Oerlikon Leybold Sogevac SV25 SV 25 single stage vacuum pumps are normally used for integration into existing machines (due to their compact design). However they are also used in a variety of industries such as:
  • Packaging in the food preparation industry
  • Car Industry
  • Degassing
  • Metallurgy
  • Laser and Medical technologies
  • Space simulation
  • Thermal forming of plastics
  • Vacuum drying and impregnation
  • Leak testing
  • Vacuum stirring and mixing
Maintenance service, repair, oils and accessories for these NEW Oerlikon Leybold Sogevac SV25 SV 25 single stage rotary vane vacuum pumps, Oerlikon Leybold part number: 10990 are available on this website. Not only do we service, repair and rebuild this Sogevac vacuum pump but we perform maintenance repair on other models as well. For more specifications and information see below in our .pdf section to download available manuals and brochures.

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PDF Logo Oerlikon Leybold SV16 & SV25 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps.pdf

PDF Logo Oerlikon Leybold Sogevac SV16 Brochure.pdf

PDF Logo Oerlikon Leybold Sogevac SV16 Technical Data.pdf

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