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Out of Stock   Oerlikon Leybold RuVac WSU 151 WS151 Blower Booster with D40BCS Pump Package Rebuilt, PFPE Oil 11025
Expecting:   1
Anticipated Arrival:  1 on 2021-10-18

Sale: $11,025.00



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Oerlikon Leybold RuVac WSU 151 WS151 Blower Booster with D40BCS Pump Package Rebuilt, PFPE Oil

Oerlikon Leybold D40BCS with RuVac WSU151 WSU 151 Blower Booster Vacuum Pump Package, Differential Pressure Bi-Pass Valve
Rebuilt for Oxygen Safe and Chemical Resistant PFPE Oil

These Oerlikon Leybold RUTA vacuum pump systems include a direct mounted WSU-151 Root's blower with D40BCS rotary vane backing pump, have a large 75 cfm pumping speed with an excellent ultimate pressure of 6x10-4 Torr. These are chemical series vacuum pump system packages prepared with PFPE inert vacuum pump oil and driven by an air cooled motor. The WSU pumps are easy to operate, include a pressure differential valve that allows them to be started at the same time as the roughing pump. These Oerlikon Leybold RUTA vacuum pump packages have ISO-63 inlet flange, KF-40 exhaust flange, requires 3.6 liters of PFPE vacuum pump oil, weigh approximately 295 lbs, and operates on 3-Phase 200-230, 440-480 VAC input power.

The Oerlikon Leybold WSU 151 WSU-151 Root's blower vacuum pumps are driven by an air-cooled canned motor, the term canned means that the blower's electric motor operates inside the pump's vacuum region. In the canned motor design, the motor's rotor operates on the drive shaft of the pump inside a vacuum-tight can made of a nonmagnetic material. The motor's stator slides over the outside of the vacuum tight can and operates in air. This canned electric motor design allows the WSU blowers to be particularly leak tight and operate without the need for shaft seal which would be subject to wear. For these reasons the Oerlikon Leybold WSU blower vacuum pumps are often used in vacuum processes which require evacuation of chemical process gases.

The WSU pumps are easy to operate! They include a pressure differential valve that allows them to be started at the same time as the roughing pump. When pumping at high pressures near atmosphere excessive pressure will build across the blower, this will cause the differential pressure valve to open, and part of the pumped gas will cycle back to the intake flange. This allows for improved pumping speed even at high intake pressures now that the blower and backing pump can operate together over the full pumping range.

These Oerlikon Leybold RuVac WSU151 WSU 151 Root's blower booster vacuum pumps have ISO-63 inlet and exhaust flanges, have a pumping speed of 75 cfm, when paired with D65BCS and have been rebuilt for oxygen save and chemical resistant PFPE vacuum pump oils, such as, Fomblin and Kyrtox (chemical resistant LVO-400 oil). Please call (505) 872-0037 for more information.

System Package Comes With:
  • Cart with 4 wheels and levelers
  • Rebuilt Leybold WSU 151 booster blower
  • Rebuilt Leybold D40BCS Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump with no accessories
  • Direct mounted from pump to blower with all connections
  • Accessories shown on Leybold D40BCS vacuum pump are optional and may or may not come with pump.

  • Maximum Pumping Speed with Backing Pump - Example
    Leybold D40BCS/WSU151 - 75 CFM

    Ultimate Total Pressure
    5 X 10-4 Torr

    Rotational speed
    60 Hz supply (0 - 3600 rpm)

    Max. permissible pressure difference during continuous operation
    0 - 80 mBar, 0 60 Torr

    Connection Flange
    63 ISO-K

    Electrical supply voltage
    3-phase, 60 Hz, 208 - 230 VAC / 460 VAC

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