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Oerlikon Leybold Phoenix L300i Helium Leak Detector with D4B Wet Roughing Pump and Cart Package

Oerlikon Leybold Phoenix L300i Helium Leak Detector Cart with D4B Wet Rotary Vane Roughing Pump Package

This advertisement is for a new Oerlikon Leybold Phoenix L300i series helium leak detector, includes a mobile cart, D4B external roughing pump, fittings to connect to the pump and operates on 1-phase 115 VAC. There are optional accessories that we offer but are not included in this current pricing, such as; the RC310 wireless or corded remotes and or the iPad controller (see our graphics below for more information on these). The Oerlikon Leybold Phoenix Series L300i helium leak detectors are their most sensible design yet and offer amazing new features and control options for your facility, lab or classroom. This package offers all the components necessary to have a mobile unit upon delivery to your location.

The Oerlikon Leybold Phoenix L300i package offered here on our website includes the following items:
  • Phoenix L300i Leak Detector Module, 1PH 115V, without internal backing pump, Oerlikon Leybold pn: 250002V01
  • Cart 300 – hand cart for Phoenix L300i, Oerlikon Leybold pn: 252005
  • D4B Rotary Vane external backing pump, Oerlikon Leybold pn: 140081
  • Fittings necessary to connect leak detector to backing pump
The minimum detectable leak rate available for this unit in vacuum mode is <5x10-12mbar l/s and in sniffer mode <1x10-7mbar l/s. The inlet flange on the Phoenix L300i is DN25KF and it comes standard with a TL7 internal calibrated leak and certificate of calibration. This helium leak detector can be used as a portable or benchtop unit. For the ultimate control and operation of the machine an iPad is recommended and offered as an optional accessory.

The Phoenix L300i helium leak detector offers new features such as:
  • Quick Start up (< 2 minutes)
  • Extremely fast response
  • Different reporting options – based on particular application needs
  • Optional barcode scanner to increase working speed
  • Auto Calibration
  • High Sensitivity
  • Detectable Masses of 2, 3 and 4
  • Flexible application areas
  • Maximum mobility due to wireless remote control RC 310 or iPad
  • Modular design makes this unit very service friendly
  • 10 languages available (iPad Version: only German, English)
  • Most robust and reliable ion source (extended warranty time)
Please see below in our “Related” section for additional accessories that may benefit your vacuum applications and needs. We offer a large variety of vacuum fittings, hoses, vacuum gauges, sensors/transducers and accessories sold separately on this website. Call us for a quote (505) 872-0037. For instruction manuals or data sheets please see the Available Download PDF's Below.

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Availability Of Kit Components

Kit: P105618 - Oerlikon Leybold Phoenix L300i Helium Leak Detector with D4B Wet Roughing Pump and Cart Package
NEW Leybold D4 D4B Trivac Rotary Vane Dual Stage Mechanical Vacuum Pump, PN: 140081
Oerlikon Leybold Phoenix L300i Module Helium Leak Detector, NO Internal Roughing Pump pn: 250002V01
Oerlikon Leybold Phoenix L300i Cart For L300i Leak Detectors Only
PDF Logo Oerlikon Leybold Phoenix L300i Helium Leak Detector Manual

PDF Logo Oerlikon Leybold Phoenix L300i Helium Leak Detector Brochure

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