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Out of Stock   Oerlikon Leybold Dry Screw Pump Varodry OEM 200 (No Case), 230/460V 3ph. 60 Hz. P/N 111200V13 15929

Regular Price: $18,740.00

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Oerlikon Leybold Dry Screw Pump Varodry OEM 200 (No Case), 230/460V 3ph. 60 Hz. P/N 111200V13

Oerlikon Leybold Dry Screw Pump Varodry OEM 200 (No Case), 230/460V 3ph. 60 Hz.
P/N 111200V13
60 Hz, 230/460 V 10%, 3 ph

These VARODRY are fully air-cooled and oil free. That results in the fact that the VARODRY only consumes electricity. You will never experience any extra costs for cooling water supply or oil/oil filter exchange and disposal. Additionally, its low power consumption offers you significant energy savings. The Total Cost of Ownership savings offered by VARODRY are a market benchmark for a wide range of demanding applications, expecially where standard pumps require a lot of maintenance. And copared to oil sealed rotary vane pumps the VARODRY will save you money in operational costs.

The VARODRY provides a competitive pumping speed over the complete pressure range and a low end-pressure of < 0.01 mbar. It can operate continuously at any inlet pressure. The effective pumping speed generated per consumed power is a market benchmark for industrial dry pumps.

User Maintenance:
With only two wearing parts (belt and bearings), only minimal efforts are required to keep your pump running at peak performance. At the same moment, the uptime of your facility will be strongly improved.

The belt can easily be exchanged by you, in less than 30 minutes. The partly removable enclosure makes this really convenient. The belt exchange interval depends on the individual application, typically it is one year. Belt exchange kits and maintenance tools are available for you. Furthermore, we offer you solutions for multiple pump control via ECOntrol 6 V/16 V or ELEC CAB. Standardized combinations with RUVAC roots blowers are also available.

Repeated and Fast Cycling:
The VARODRY offers a very quick pump down. The pump tolerates atmospheric pressure shocks and repeated evacuation cycles.

Dust / Particle Handling:
The rotor screw principle and anodization offers the best performance to handle fine, dry dust particles. In the case of large dust amounts, a wide filter portfolio is available.

Vapor Handling:
Due to its optimized temperature profile and the built-in gas-ballast, the VARODRY offers a high vapor tolerance, avoiding internal condensation.

Reactive Gas Handling:
Often vapors (e.g. hydrocarbons) tend to react inside hot dry pumps and built-up internal coatings which can cause pump seizing. The internal temperature profile virtually eliminates this risk.

Liquid Handling:
The VARODRY can handle droplets or even liquid slugs as the liquids can flow freely out of the pump.

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Leybold Varodry Specifications
PDF Logo Leybold Varodry VD65, VD100, VD160, VD200 Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps Brochure.pdf

PDF Logo Leybold VaroDry VD65-VD200 Operating Instruction.pdf

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