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Out of Stock   OBSOLETE No Longer Sold - Pfeiffer XtraDry 150-2 Dry Piston Pump, ACCESSORIES STILL AVAILABLE 6177.6

Sale: $6,177.60

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OBSOLETE No Longer Sold - Pfeiffer XtraDry 150-2 Dry Piston Pump, ACCESSORIES STILL AVAILABLE

OBSOLETE No Longer Sold Pfeiffer XtraDry™ 150-2 Dry Piston Vacuum Pump PN PO P01150

The NEW Pfeiffer XtraDry™ 150-2 is an oil-free dry vacuum pump, which is based and operates on the piston principle. Each compression stage consists of a cylinder in which a piston reciprocates in a cylinder. In the XtraDry model 150-2, two compression stages are internally connected in series. Gas coming from the inlet enters the compression space of the first piston (stage I). After compression, the now higher pressure gas enters the compression space of the second piston (stage II). Once the gas reaches a pressure slightly above atmosphere it leave the pump via a one way valve. As a dry vacuum pump, the XtraDry™ 150-2 is ideally suited for your medium-vacuum applications of down to 10-1 mbar (0.08 Torr) that involve the need to pump dry, inert and non-reactive gases. It is ideally suited for use in analytical systems and in industrial applications.

It can be operated as either a stand-alone pump or as a backing pump for our turbopumps and pumping stations. The Pfeiffer XtraDry™ 150-2 operates absolutely free of hydrocarbons and particulate matter. This avoids contaminating the process or the environment. Unique seal design prevents gas backstreaming within the pumping system. This enables gases to be pumped regardless of their molecular weight. Its automatic standby mode reduces the speed of the pump by more than 30% during operation at near ultimate pressure. This saves energy and increases service life. The XtraDry™ 150-2 comes ready to operate, without the need for any additional accessories. A do-it-yourself kit makes for simple maintenance. You’ll need a maximum of 30 minutes to change piston seals. This is an Oil-free vacuum pump with pumping speeds of 4.5 CFM. The operating instructions manual in PDF format can be downloaded, by scrolling down to (AVAILABLE DOWNLOADS) below. This pump is great for the following applications:

Analytical systems

  • Mass spectrometers
  • Leak Detectors
  • Electron microscopes
Further applications
  • Robotic (handling systems)
  • Differential sealing systems
  • Vacuum packaging

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PDF Logo Pfeiffer XtraDry Series Dry Pistion Vacuum Pumps.pdf

PDF Logo Pfeiffer XtraDry 250-1 Piston Vacuum Pump Product Info.pdf

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