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New MKS 640B Mass Flow Electronic Absolute Pressure Controller 1000 torr, 1000 sccm, Swagelok 4 VCR

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New MKS 640B Mass Flow Electronic Absolute Pressure Controller 1000 torr, 1000 sccm, Swagelok 4 VCR 2784.6
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MKS Type 640B Electronic Absolute Pressure Controller 1000 torr, 1000 sccm, 1/4 in Swagelok, Viton®, PN 640B13TS1V22V

The 640B are self contained, compact, closed-loop electronic pressure control systems. They contain a capacitance manometer, normally closed proportioning control valve, and closed-loop control electronics. The 640B controls absolute pressure. A 641B pressure gauge controller is also available and measures pressure relative to ambient barometric pressure. Pressure Range for this unit is 1000 torr, 1000 sccm/1 slm flow, min range 2% of full range to 20 torr, 1/4'' Swagelok® connections and Viton Seals.

The transducer is a Baratron capacitance manometer, with Full Scale pressure ranges from 100 psi to as low as 10 Torr. Baratron capacitance manometers – well-known for their percent of reading accuracy, stability, and resolution – provide precise measurements at lower pressures and over wider dynamic ranges than strain gauge transducers. Furthermore, Baratron capacitance manometers have no silicone oil fill which can result in hysteresis and can slow the controller time response.

Electrically similar to a standard Mass Flow Controller, the 640B are powered by ±15 VDC at only 200 mA, permitting use with standard power supply/display electronics such as MKS 246 or 247 Power Supplies. The pressure output and input control signals are linear 0-5 or 0-10 VDC. Two trip points are included in the 640B with LED status indicators, for use as simple on/off process limits.

During final testing at MKS, the 640B control loop tuning parameters are preset for typical installation conditions, but are field adjustable for different conditions and optimum performance. The Proportional and Integral Term adjustments are simple rotary switches, rather than potentiometers, to enable OEMs, or users with multiple controllers, to preset all units to the same control loop parameters.

NOTE: For Valve Orifice Size and Pressure Range for your application please see MKS 640B 641B Brochure.pdf Page 2 to the side at Downloads.

Swagelok-TM Swagelok Company, Viton-TM Chemcours Company, Baratron-TM MKS.


Swagelok, VCR-TM Swagelok Company, Viton-TM Chemcours Company, Baratron-TM MKS.
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