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  1-Year Limited Warranty

Available Now: 1   NEW Pfeiffer Dual Gauge TPG 362 Dual Channel Measurement & Control for Compact Gauges PN PTG28290 2175


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NEW Pfeiffer Dual Gauge TPG 362 Dual Channel Measurement & Control for Compact Gauges PN PTG28290

NEW Pfeiffer Dual Gauge TPG 362 Dual Channel Measurement & Control Unit for Compact Gauges (Pfeiffer Part Number PTG28290)

This NEW Pfeiffer Dual Gauge TPG 362 is used together with Pfeiffer Vacuum Compact Gauges for total pressure measurement (also known as ActiveLine transmitters.) This Pfeiffer TPG 362 Dual Gauge Total Pressure Display and Control Unit uses 90-250 Voltage, 50/60 Hz. Controls 2 compact gauges and includes 4 set point relays and has a USB, RS-485 and Ethernet interface. Simple to operate with a digital easy readable display. This unit DOES NOT come with any signal cables to the Pfeiffer Gauges. This is a Pfeiffer DualGauge TPG 362 ONLY. All Pfeiffer transmitters/sensors/gauges and signal cables sold seperately on this website.

Compatible with the following Pfeiffer Compact Gauges and ActiveLine transmitters:
  • PIRANI - TPR 361, TPR 265, TPR 280, TPR 281.
  • COLD CATHODE - IKR 251, IKR 261, IKR 270, IKR 360, IKR 361.
  • FULL RANGE CC - PKR 251, PKR 261, PKR 360, PKR 361.
  • PROCESS ION - IMR 265.
  • FULL RANGE BA - PBR 260.
  • CAPACITANCE - CMR 261 thru CMR 275, CMR 361 thru CMR 375.
  • PIEZO - APR 250 thru APR 267.
For Complete operating instructions scroll down to (AVAILABLE DOWNLOADS) below and download the PDF's.

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PDF Logo Pfeiffer Operating Instructions for DualGauge TPG 362.pdf

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